Doctor Zoidberg


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Dr. John Zoidberg had ambitions of becoming a wealthy physician after leaving his home planet Decapod 10. Instead, he ended up as Planet Express’ resident doctor. Like all others of his kind, Zoidberg’s small brain is located in his behind. In high school, he made people laugh by wearing barnacles on his face. On his planet, he sprouts a large fin on top of his head and becomes angry and violent during mating season. Zoidberg has a cousin named Zoidfarb and an uncle called Harol Zoid, who is a silent hologram star.

(Photo courtesy of Matt Groening)

Place of Birth

Decapod 10

Birth Name

Dr. John A. Zoidberg



Fun Facts











[Dr. Zoidberg is preparing to look for a mate]
-Dr. Zoidberg: How do I look?
-Bender: Like whale barf.
-Dr. Zoidberg: Then the illusion is complete.

[while fishing, Leela pulls in her line to find
Dr. Zoidberg holding a boot on the end]
-Leela: Oh, Dr. Zoidberg. Since when do you even wear boots?
-Dr. Zoidberg: I wasn't wearing it. I was eating it.

-Mr. Wong: Anyway, make yourselves at home.
[Dr. Zoidberg comes downstairs wearing a bathrobe]
-Dr. Zoidberg: Don't mind if I already did. By the way, do you have any more of this Dom Perignon bubble bath? There was only enough to fill the tub halfway.

-Dr. Zoidberg: I wonder what the shroud of Turin tastes like.

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