Desiree Hartsock



Desiree is a bridal stylist from Los Angeles, California who competed for Sean Lowe on The Bachelor season 17. She got the second one-on-one date of the season and even became a good sport when Sean played a prank on her. She also participated in several group dates that involved a game of beach volleyball and a relay race where she drank goat's milk-- both of which she was part of the winning team. She went as far as the hometown date, where she played a prank on Sean as payback for what he did earlier in the season. Unfortunately, not everyone in her family was in favor of Sean, specifically her brother Nate, who called him a playboy. Desiree was crushed and even pulled Sean aside during the Rose Ceremony to apologize for his brother but Sean still sent her home. Desiree will get another shot at love on reality TV as the star of The Bachelorette season 9. Desiree had several front runners in the competition, including Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak-- who all had a chance to invite Desiree to their respective hometowns. After Desiree eliminated Zak, Brooks withdrew from the competition, leaving the Bachelorette heartbroken. She then sent home Drew during their date in the finale after realizing that she can't have a future with him. Desiree introduced Chris to her family and in the end, gave him the final rose and said yes to his proposal.



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The Bachelor, Season 17

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