Debrah Farentino


Date Of Birth

30 September 1959


Debrah Farentino was born on September 30, 1959 in Lucas Valley, California. As an actress, she appeared in many TV shows like Capitol and Son of the Pink Panther. She also guest starred in series such as NYPD Blue, Jag, The Outer Limits and CSI: Miami to name a few. Moreover, she became part of the television series Eureka as Beverly Barlowe.

Beverly Barlowe is a 38-year old psychotherapist who runs a bed and breakfast. Previously, she worked with high-profile clients like diplomats and politicians but appears to have had sexual relations with some of them.

Place of Birth

Lucas Valley, California, USA

Birth Name

Debrah Farentino



Fun Facts

-Debrah decided to go back to college and study science after having two children and being an actress for 20 years. She is a biochemistry major at Mount St. Mary's College in Brentwood, CA.

-Debrah is a trained precision driver, she can perform auto stunts.


1988 Nominated for Soap Opera Digest Award, Favorite Super Couple: Daytime
for: "Capitol" (1982)
Shared with:
Peter Lochran

1988 Nominated for Soap Opera Digest Award,
Outstanding Heroine: Daytime
for: "Capitol" (1982)


Eureka (2006) (TV)
Wildfire (2006)
Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005)
The Division (2004)
CSI: Miami (2003)
JAG (2001 & 2002)
The District (2001)
Three Blind Mice (2001)
Get Real (1999)
Storm of the Century (1999)
The Secret Lives of Men (1998)
Total Security (1997)
Sisters and Other Strangers (1997)
EZ Streets (1996)
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man (1996)
Wiseguy (1996)
A Mother's Instinct (1996)
The Outer Limits (1996)
Earth 2 (1994-1995)
NYPD Blue (1994)
Dead Air (1994)
XXX's & OOO's (1994)
Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills (1994)
Malice (1993)
Sherlock Holmes Returns (1993)
Son of the Pink Panther (1993)
The Streets of San Francisco (1992)
Bugsy (1991)
The Whereabouts of Jenny (1991)
Equal Justice (1990)
Mortal Sins (1990)
The Revenge of Al Capone (1989)
She Was Marked for Murder (1988)
Cellar Dweller (1988)
Hooperman (1987)
CBS Summer Playhouse (1987)
T.J. Hooker (1984)
Capitol (1982)




5' 7" (1.70 m)


-Science was not hard for me. I just like it. It's a very creative field, and there's always something new to learn.

-Just after the first moon landing, I heard if you had $100,000 you could go to the moon as a civilian. I was excited and immediately started saving my money in a bank account for my future moon trip. Eventually, I wound up using it for my college education.

-I wanted to change my name to Miranda when I was five and I told my mom she can call me Randy.

-(On getting her role on the series “Eureka”) My hobby is science - actually molecular biology - and in-between jobs I've slowly been continuing my studies. I'm on a very long road to getting my bachelors, and actually, when this script was sent to me I'd taken a couple years off to study molecular biology, and my agent called me and said, 'Debrah, here is one I think you are going to love, because it combines science with great characters and intriguing stories.' So yeah, I brought some of that to the plate.

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