Chantelle Chung



Born in 1993, actress Chantelle Chung wouldn’t have made it into the industry if it wasn’t for a patient her Optometrist parents had. The talent agent thought the girl would do well in commercials and film, and her parents encouraged her to try it out. They later found that she enjoyed performing immensely, due to her enthusiasm for the circus. She soon ended up training with The Toronto School of Circus Arts, improving her fondness for the craft. She also lists the silks as her favorite apparatus.

Chantelle Chung gained her early acting experience when she starred on several television commercials. Even so, she landed her first role on a series when she was cast as Kimmy Song in Global’s The Best Years. She was seen on the episodes “Girl Interrupted” and “From Here to Eternity,” both aired in 2007. Created by Aaron Martin, the series enabled Chung to work with actors like Charity Shea, Randal Edwards, Jennifer Miller, Brandon Jay McLaren, Niall Matter, and Athena Karkanis.

Later on, she landed her second acting job on the ABC Family series Sophie. Though new in the entertainment industry, Chung was given the essential task of playing the character Ophelia Burroughs. Her role is that of Estelle Burroughs’ (Sara Botsford) teenage daughter, a twelve-year-old adopted from the People’s Republic of China who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her angry, pre-teen mind. She’s headstrong and opinionated, but her angst isn’t unjustified. Every outburst of hers comes from having a diva for a mother. Despite their occasional spats, they’ll always be there for each other, even if Ophelia has to bring her over-the-top mother back to earth.

As this was Chung’s first major role, she tried to do her best to balance her work as an actress and a student. She commutes to the set in Montreal, straight from her busy life as an honors high school student in Toronto, her home town.

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