Casey Thompson


Date Of Birth

January 21, 1978.


Casey Thompson is a self-taught, executive chef from Cedar Hills, Texas. A Dallas resident, she became the lead chef at Shinsei Restaurant where she marries Asian and Mexican influences in her cooking. Her favorite summer recipe is Big Burgers, amd considers tartare the most romantic dish because it is raw, risky, ice cold and delicious.

Casey became known as one of fifteen contestants vying for top prize on the reality cooking show, Top Chef. She was chosen as Fan Favorite on the series, as well as becoming the runner-up for the finale.

Following that, she moved to San Francisco to attain even more skills as a chef. For three years, she worked for various wineries in the city. She eventually got assigned as US Ambassador for Terrazas de los Andes, a Moet-Hennessey brand. In 2011, she returned to compete on the 8th season of Top Chef. She was eliminated on the fifth episode of the series, when her dish, Chinese Chicken Feet and Scallion Pancake, didn't make the cut.

Place of Birth

Cedar Hill, Texas

Birth Name

Casey Thompson



Fun Facts

- She is predominantly left-handed

- Her favorite color is Kelly Green, because it reminds her of "grass, vegetables, and life."

- She prefers dishes that are "seasonally influenced American", as well as those that use fresh and organic produce.


2007-2011: Top Chef (TV series) - Herself

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