Brooke Castile


Date Of Birth

May 31, 1986


American pair skater Brooke Castile was born on May 31, 1986 in Detroit, Michigan. She started skating in 1993, saying that she "took to the ice naturally" and eventually enrolled in a class to hone her skills. She soon found herself on the sectional level as a singles skater, where she was asked by several guys to pair up. It wasn't long until she agreed to pair-skate with her longtime friend Benjamin Okolski. Since their partnership, Brooke Castile and Benjamin Okolski have collected ten medals. The highlight of their career was bringing home the gold at the 2007 U.S. Championships. She continues to skate for love of the sport, as well as because of a natural flair for performance. Aside from life on the ice though, she considers art, photography and fashion design as her interests. She is also known for designing the costumes she and Okolski wear during their competitions. Despite a strong bond with her partner, Castile agreed to pair up with Olympic Gold Medal Skier Jonny Moseley for the ABC reality competition Skating with the Stars in 2010.

Place of Birth

Detroit, Michigan

Birth Name

Brooke Castile




2010: Skating with the Stars


"I love the way it feels to just skate. I love to feel free on the ice, and just skate from my heart all the way through my fingertips. I love performing and the rush of competition. Most of all I love pushing myself to new limits and skate harder, fly higher, and just put my mind, body, and soul into the ice."

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