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Brian Griffin Biography:

Brian Griffin (7-year-old) maybe described as the dog of the Griffins Family, but he is something much more than this. While he exhibits some "typical" dog treatments like licking himself, leaving dead birds on the porch, eating garbage, intensely fearing the vacuum cleaner, and sleeping at the foot of master Peter Griffin 's bed, he can speak intelligently, walk bipedally, and has a sharp wit. Brian is Peter Griffin's best friend and most trusted confidante, although Brian sometimes is clearly much more intelligent than Peter is. He holds a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is one (human) year away from acquiring his black belt. Before Brian became a part of the Griffin household, he was living out in the streets and cleaning
windshields for a living.

He briefly worked as a "drug-sniffing" dog for the police department. He also worked as a waiter, as a porn movies director, as Chris' English Teacher, as a telemarketer. Additionally, he worked at a Hammer dealership and as a taxi driver.

There are some times that Brian pursues relationships with human beings. For example, in the episode "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows", Brian falls deeply in love with an elderly human woman named Pearl Burton; before she passes away, Brian shares a virtual reality vision of their possible future together that involves marriage and children. In a different episode ("Peter's Got Woods"), Brian has another brief romance, with Shauna Parks, one of Meg's teachers at James Woods High. Shauna finds Brian cute. When Peter was lost, with his boat, Brian had a relationship with Lois (Peter's wife) and she married her. When Peter unexpectedly came back Lois and Brian divorced and she married Peter again. She was only one day away from deciding to have sex with Brian.

There is also a connection between Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin (the infant son). They are the members of the family that weren't supposed to speak. Brian and Stewie also appear to share a certain level of intelligence and sophistication, but also share certain humorous reality-based shortcomings. Finally, Stewie is the only Griffin that constantly understands Brian.

Voice Actor: Seth MacFarlane

Brian Griffin Personality:

Brian is the most sophisticated and often sarcastic member of the Griffins. He loves opera and jazz, and has an uncanny ability to sing the four parts of a barbershop quartet all at the same time. In addition, he speaks four languages (English, French, Tagalog and a little Spanish). He seems to have liberal political leanings, which mirror MacFarlane's. Brian is also a heavy smoker and you will barely ever see him without a martini (dry). His affinity towards the alcoholic drink may be attributed to either his desire to numb the hurt caused by people's perception of him or his want to forget about his past on the streets.

Brian is essentially an underchallenged intellectual: possessing knowledge in many sciences, as well as being cultured. He often uses alcohol as an escape from his problems.

Brian Griffin Quotes:

Stewie: "Look where my hand is! I say, look where my hand is, It's in a very dirty place, Doesn't that disgust you?";
Brian: "Kid, Exception you're talking a guy who uses his tongue for toilet paper."

Brian (caught panting at a female stranger): "Don't flatter yourself honey. I don't have sweat glands.
Also... this is how I cool off."

Lois: Brian, you're home early. What happened with your date?
Brian: The same thing that always happens, she was an idiot.

Chris: I don't have to listen to you. You're a dog. You don't have a soul!
Brian: Ow.

Brian: "Hey, barkeep, whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"

Peter: Have they ever shown him doing somebody in and then feeding on him?
Brian: You're asking if they've ever done a Sesame Street in which the Count kills somebody and then sucks their blood for sustenance.
Peter: Yeah.
Brian: No, they've never done that.

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