Benjamin Salisbury


Date Of Birth

October 19, 1980


Benjamin Salisbury is an American actor born on October 19, 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. A graduate of Wayzata High School and American University in Washington, Salisbury earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism while acting in several movies and television series. Other than these, he has also been seen on commercials for Domino’s Pizza, featuring Fudgeums Domino's new Mini Brownies. He was also a magna !$#!# laude, and is known for being on the Dean’s List six times.

Benjamin Salisbury entered the showbiz industry with a role on the 1992 comedy Captain Ron. Despite having it panned by critics, he found the experience enjoyable, as well as his work with co-stars Martin Short and Kurt Russell. Salisbury rose to fame when he was chosen to play Brighton Millhouse Sheffield on the sitcom The Nanny. He portrayed the character for six years, acting alongside Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy. As an accomplished dancer, he would often entertain the studio audiences of The Nanny with his improvisational routines when the cameras weren’t rolling. He was also seen on other series, some of them being Kirk and Promised Land. He was later cast on Shimmer, The Oz Kids, Magical Meow Meow Taruto and became the announcer in D3: The Mighty Ducks. He also became known for his voice work, as he has worked on productions like The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt, Toto Lost in New York and Virtual Oz. In 2002, he was cast in S1m0ne, and was followed with a role in Pledge of Allegiance. In 2005, he was a guest star on the series Numb3rs, playing the character Docent. His next project was the short drama On the Brink, directed by Eric Prescott. Benjamin Salisbury is also a skilled dancer and theater actor, and works at the Mann Theater in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Place of Birth

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Birth Name

Benjamin David Salisbury



Fun Facts









5' 7" (1.70 m)


-Gracie: I don't want to go to the Zoo. I had nightmares about fangs, claws and snarling.
-Maggie: Gracie, they keep the animals in cages.
-Brighton: (to Maggie) She's talking about C.C.

-Buxom Showgirl: What do you want to be when you grow up?
-Brighton: A halter top.

-Brighton: You know, explain to me why I need a baby sitter. I am old enough to fly a chopper in the Israeli army!

-Brighton: He is making me hold his sweaty ankles, while he's doing sit-ups, and he is wearing really baggy shorts--are ya getting the picture?

-Brighton: Hey come on. Look they're gonna find them and they're gonna bring them home. Now until then, I'm the man of the house and I'm in charge. Now Niles, (suddenly whimpering) what'll we do if Mommy and Daddy don't come home?

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