April Pearson


Date Of Birth

23 January, 1989


April Pearson is an English actress born on January 23, 1989 in Bristol best known for her role as Michelle Richardson on the award-winning teen dramedy Skins. She made her television debut in 1998 when she did a small role in Casualty. In 2008, she returned in the show as Karen Shevlin. On Skins, she plays Tony Stotem’s gorgeous girlfriend who lives with her mom. Her character, however, was written off as with most of her fellow cast members’ toward the end of the 2nd season.

Pearson was grateful since Skins was filmed in her hometown of Bristol. “I think five of us are born and bred in Bristol and the rest are from elsewhere but I think the idea at the beginning was to try and get as many Bristolians as possible. It adds another layer of reality to it because we all know where the Skins crew hang out - I think it does help. During filming, the Bristolians stay at home and the rest of them stay in a very posh hotel. We try and hang out here as much as possible but we got told off a few times for doing that.”

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April Janet Pearson



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2009: Tormented - Tasha
2007-2008: "Skins" - Michelle Richardson (20 episodes)
1998-2008: "Casualty" - Girl (3 episodes)







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