Anthony Montgomery


Date Of Birth

June 2, 1971


American film and television actor Anthony Montgomery was born on June 2, 1971 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The grandson of jazz musician Wes Montgomery, he graduated from Ball State University with a degree in performance theater and drama. After graduation, he decided to do stand-up comedy for a while, and later moved to California. Anthony T. Montgomery began developing his career in 1998, taking on a role in the direct-to-video production, ESP: Extra Sexual Perception. He next got a small part on Hard Rain, and then began to obtain bit roles on hit television shows. He was seen on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, then as Seaman Hendrix on the JAG episode “Dungaree Justice,” and also as a waiter on Stark Raving Mad. In 2000, Montgomery received his first starring role. This was in the horror-spoof Leprechaun: In the Hood, where he was cast as Postmaster P. He then got a small role in the two-part Frasier episode, “Something Borrowed, Someone Blue,” and on Charmed’s “The Honeymoon’s Over.” During that time, he also played a recurring character on the series Popular. The next year marked a big change in Montgomery’s career. He was chosen to play Ensign Travis Mayweather on the hit science fiction series Star Trek: Enterprise. At that time, he also appeared on shows like Half & Half, Player$, and Boomtown. In 2004, he headed for the Los Angeles theater scene and produced his own show – Dutchman by poet and critic LeRoi Jones. Montgomery then returned to his stand-up comedy routines, while also going back to Indiana to star in theatrical fundraisers for charity. Montgomery is also known for producing his own CD of music, titled What You Know About…. It features four songs dealing with Star Trek themes, since he continues to be active in several Star Trek conventions. He has also gotten involved in several other projects, like a hip-hop album set for release and appearances on An American in China and Navy NCIS.

Place of Birth

Indianapolis, Indiana

Birth Name

Anthony T. Montgomery



Fun Facts

Born on June 2, 1971 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Anthony Montgomery is an actor best known for his role as Ensign Travis Mayweather on the sci-fi series Star Trek: Enterprise. Montgomery is also the grandson of renowned jazz musician Wes. He graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Performance Theater and drama. He did stand-up comedy after graduation, after which he moved to California. Montgomery made his film debut in the 2000 slasher film Leprechaun: In the Hood. He then hard a recurring role on the teen television series Popular as George Austin before landing what would be his most notable role: as that of Ensign Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise in 2001. Three years later, before the series was canceled in 2004, he returned to stage in Los Angeles. He produced his own show Dutchman by LeRoi Jones. He also returned to doing stand-up comedy. Meanwhile, during the summer of 2005, he returned to his native Indiana to star in theatrical fundraisers from charity. As for music, Montgomery has produced a disc of his own creations entitled What You Know About, which featured songs about Star Trek themes. In 2007, he signed with the German-hbased AGR Television Records, with his debut album titled AT released in October 2008. Meanwhile, his role on Star Trek: Enterprise made a fan in him. Now he regularly guests at Star Trek conventions. He is also a keen martial arts student and a practitioner of Hapkido.


5 ft 10.25 in (178 cm)


(Talking about the original Star Trek series) I wasn't a Trekkie by any sense of the word. I would tune in, and whenever the show came I would never turn it away. But I couldn't tell you from week to week who did what. Like the technobabble, I never knew what any of this stuff was; I just knew it was really cool when I was watching it. That's being a kid that loved reading comic books, and having an imagination that is, to me, just boundless. I've always loved the fact that Star Trek is one of those shows that they do things with your imagination that you didn't even think were possible. And I loved that!

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