Angie Stone


Date Of Birth

December 18, 1961


Musician and actress Angie Stone was born on December 18, 1961 in Columbia, South Carolina. Her passion for singing started at an early age, as she performed gospel music at First Nazarth Baptist Church as a child. She then pursued this career and joined the female hip hop trio The Sequence. The group succeeded with a number of rap hits, but Stone eventually left them to work with Mantronix. She later collaborated with Lenny Kravitz before forming the R&B trio Vergical Hold. They released two albums in the 90s, namely A Matter of Time and Head First.

Angie Stone's next endeavor was an album with the group Devox, joining Charlie Mole and Gerry DeVeaux. She wrote several songs for it, but released her own solo album in 1999. "Black Diamond" was certified gold, which encouraged her to continue her career. She has produced a steady stream of music since, launching her fifth album in 2010. She was also a participant of Celebrity Fit Club, but devoted most of her time to doing tours. She once did a stand-up theatre play called Issues: We've Got Them All, taking the lead role for it.

Place of Birth

Columbia, South Carolina

Birth Name

Angela Laverne Brown



Fun Facts

- She married Lil' Rodney Cee in 1987.

- She has two kids named Diane and Michael.



2011: Dreams - Marlene
2011: Caught on Tape - Diane
2011: Pastor Brown - Rick Fredericks
2009: 2008 St. Lucia Jazz Festival (TV movie) - Perfomer
2009: School Gyrls - Headmaster Jones
2008: Lincoln Heights (TV series) - Octavia
2006: Celebrity Fit Club (TV series) - Herself
2003: The Fighting Temptations - Alma
2002: The Hot Chick - Madame Mambuza
2002: Girlfriends (TV series) - Darla Mason

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