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Tall, busty and blonde, Amanda Ireton from Venice Beach, California has seen it all--in men, that is. This time, after admitting that she's too bored to deal with men, she turns to women to add a little spice into her love life. In the meantime, she's a stand-up comedian who spends her free time looking for a woman to love her. She is left handed and does not drink, and got new breast implants following a break-up. She also enjoys going to the beach, surfing, getting a tan and exfoliating in the salt water.

Amanda battled it out with 15 women and 16 men on the steamy, bisexual dating game from MTV, A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila, where she vied for the love of the Internet celebrity, Tila Tequila. She almost made it to the finals though, but Tila had already made a deeper connection with the other contestants and therefore had to eliminate Amanda.

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

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