theresa has changed a lot. Isee intense jealously regarding Melissa. I know times are tough right now for her family re: bankruptcy, however she's not the only one who has gone through this. She need's to focus on making family amends and cease the jealousy, after all family is more important. swallow your priude Teresa, reach out your hand and get over it. God has humbled you now. Be gratful for what you have. you have been rather spoiled in the past. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU HAVE that makes you who you are' that's all material and not anything will go with you when you leave this earth. Also, make amends with Kathy. REmember' she's family too. Put the past in the past and let it it. Love one another and stop trying to compete. Better yet "keep your mouth shut". I think Melissa wants the family to be unified but your jealousy stands in the way. Everything will eventually work out over time. You don't have to live high on the "hog" to be somebody. Also try a little dicipline with your children. You've spoiled them rotten. I like you Teresa. but you need to self evaluate. Take cre, I wish you the best. A friendly viewer. Pat
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