Sorry but JP was a stupid decision

It was clear they are not well suited and I doubt it will last. I feel ripped off that she hurt a really decent guy's faith in himself and instead chose the older guy that complained all the time, was clearly hot headed and demanding, even mentioned he was set in his ways, twisted words to gain emotional attachment from Ashley, and was one of the men that was going to leave when she visited Brad. There was never any real consideration for Ashley with what he said it was all about him and how he felt. Even the sister could see that she was more reserved around JP and really even the body language showed this. I think she saw JP being defensive and thought she could make it all better, but that will get thin over time. Ashley was so unsettled and now it makes sense. Another rash decision. Such a shame she wasnt as willing to take a chance on real lasting love like she kept asking of the men.
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Have to agree. JP's jealous sulking ealry on was insane. He also appeared to be in it for the competition and winning, rather than a sincere relationship.
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