Elimination of surfers by taxi drivers telling other contestants final location unfair

I thinnk that the Amazing Race needs to have a policy of destinations not being shared by the cab drivers. The only reason that the surfers lost is because they got to the last detour first, and headed to the wrong location. After one of the last three teams to arrive noted the correct destination on one of the dancers and told their driver where to go, that driver then shared the information with the drivers of the other two teams, even though Marcus had told there driver to drive to a Balboa statue. Since when are the drivers able to tell the contestants the destination? Had the surfers been at the sight of the dancers at least their driver might have been informed to. I could care less who wins, but I just feel like this was a form of cheating...had Marcus driver not been told where the actual destination was, they would have been last because, like the surfers, they would have had to go back to the dancers to try to figure out the clue.
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