This is the first survivor season I have watched that makes me think the show is staged. What happen last night does not make any sense. The gay guy running the show with her attitude, demeanor and !$#!#iness is really unrealistic. Are the men on the tribe really that stupid? This thing should have been voted off immediately. Hermans perception of other people is just unbelievable. Sheman sticks out like a sore thumb with its manurisms and lack of being a human being. I am sorry homosexuals, but this thing is giving you all a bad name.
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I agree...when Tarzan said, "We've had a betrayal!" it sounded like poor acting. Getting rid of Colton would've been the best thing for that tribe, since they were short-sighted enough to give up immunity in the first place. Not gonna say I won't be watching cuz I can't help but wonder how the whole thing is going to play out, but Colton is good for shock value and THAT'S why he's still on there. Again, I totally agree...Staged.
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