Ozzys comment on nature during last nights show.

Last night on the final episode of Ozzy's third time on Survivor he said it might have changed what he was supposed to do in life if he had won, and I agree. He said nature and this world we live in is God, and I couldn't agree more. I just know how to express the intensity of the fact that I am in total awe of Ozzy and his abilities and his philosophy. Ozzy is Mogli the jungle boy, pure and unadulterated. I never felt arrogance from him. I felt he was extremely confident in his abilities and I respect that. I love Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Joannaruthkouri, I know right? He deserved to win, he's the best player out there. He was so very close to the reward but yet, so far away; the last person that got voted out before the final tribal council. On Cook Islands, he was runner-up! I mean, how fair is that? He said it was his last time on Survivor and I was soo sad, man. Just keep praying that he will turn up in the new season; One World. <3
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