Does NOT Represent!!!!

I Kick myself everytime for not becoming the talent "mogul" that I was supposed to be...Because, MIA Michaels, YOU STINK!!!!!(i'm sure you've heard that often) Yes, you could care less what I think of you, but you need to be replaced, before you even began!!! How does a choreagrapher gain weight anyway? (Esp. if you LOVE your job????) I would have TORE YOU UP!!!! Cir!$#!#stances of life have YOU there instead of ME.....HOW UNFAIR! You don't deserve to even JUDGE--let alone be a dancer in the first place!!! Just get off the show... I was going to say, "Just SHUT your mouth!" But, now that isn't enough! YOU don't deserve to be where you are! You don't give enough or have enough good constructive criticism to HELP the dancers become the artists that they CAN become....Just give it up...I'm trying to be nice. You are done. Yes. You are only there because of 'who you know', not because of "what you can do for them!" It's time to go.....Take and ACCEPT the truth. You know it,,,deep down,,,you know it. I can feel the reason behind your comments...I know exactly why you say what you say when you say them....But, that doesn't matter..cuz, bottom line, Nigel writes your paycheck. I wish that someone that "deserves" to be where you are and never received the opportunity could be giving this show what it really needs. JUST BOW OUT.... If this is ever read or heard by someone that cares, this show can BE and literally SAVED or at the least, improved and long running...if not, sorry.... I TRIED... Teri Mitchell..the true dancer from another life. Serious.
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I don't know why more people are not demanding this. There is no excuse for her actions. I can't even discuss the things she has said so far this season that have upset me so much. I don't watch this show to be upset by this crazy overrated woman. I'm not sure why Nigel has not dumped her yet. PLEASE, I know there are plenty others that feel this way. I never really do this but I had to log on and see if there was some discussion about her behavior the past 2 years and I'm glad I did. Just go away....
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