Mia Michaels' True Colors

I is heart-wrenching to see a judge make such discriminative; unprofessional comments against a contestant/dancer. Mia's comments against Adechike Torbert was totally unwarranted. This young man danced his ASS OFF! When this piece was performed by Jose (as Cat stated) it was garned as "not well, but good. He made it fun". Now Mia has the nerve to say how she misses Alex? What the hell is that! A judge should advise and guide. Not give disrespectful comments to a contestant while comparing one to another. There should be NO RM FOR BEING BIASED! If Mia didn't like Cat commenting on such, then let her know, but never should she make such unprofessional and hurtful comment. POISONOUS !$#!# is what she has shown herself to be. Then her colleagues had to try and repair her damage by explaining what she meant? That's a lot of crap. She knew exactly what she did. Mia should be ashamed of herself and she is definitely a POOR EXCUSE FOR A JUDGE AND GUIDE.
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