Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

I know people are going to hate me for this.Oh well,here it goes : I don`t think that Kristen was the best actress to play the rock legend Joan Jett.First of all,she does not look a thing like Joan except for her hair that they dyed and cut her hair as the rocker.It`s too bad that she had blue eyes and not those dark color eyes of Joan.The reason she got the part is that she is one of the most poppular actress out there,mainly because of twilight.The producers took poppular actresses just to get many people to see this film.Don`t get me wrong, I think Kristen Stewart is a beautiful girl and a good actress.She did a good job signing the songs and she has this boy-ish voice but I just could not see her as Joan and did not believe her acting in this movie.I`m just saying that there are many girls out there that want to be an actress/singer.I`m quite certain someone out there would play a way better Joan Jett than Kristen Stewart.Sorry.
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