Season 7 finale-the end of Grey?

Spoiler Alert- this is my prediction for the season finale and what might happen in season 8. The trailer for the season seven’s finale leaves the audience in tears and screaming for answers. There are just so many questions surrounding Meredith Grey and her fellow residents. Well I am going to start with the basics: Is Derek going to leave Meredith? - The promo video shows Meredith walking into an empty bedroom that has been stripped of everything including the bed sheets. Note that Meredith IS carrying the baby, so this tells me that Mer and Der got the African baby. The promo leads to believe that Derek left her, but we all know that promo’s are misleading. We have seen over the past seven seasons many Mer/Der fights and several break ups. And in all of that time did Derek ever walk away and take EVERYTHING? –No. Derek would not do that. But you know who would?-Alex. Besides didn’t that room look awfully small to be the master that Derek and Meredith share? My Prediction: Alex and Meredith have it out and he leaves. Not sure where he goes though, especially since his trailer was impounded. I also don’t think the Dr. Kerev is NOT going to get the Chief Resident position just for rating out Meredith. Which leads to the next question…? Who becomes Chief Resident? My guess is its Avery or April. We know it is not going to be Christian and from the looks of it Meredith might get fired (but I will get to that in a bit). Although we really haven’t liked April since she came back from unemployment hitting on Dr. McDreamy, you have to admit she is a strong contender in the race. Owen seemed to be favoring her along with Avery. When I think about who might be the next Chief Resident I ask myself who is like Dr. Bailey the most? I used to believe it was Alex, but after his ratting out Meredith stunt, which showed a severe lack of judgment, I think he is out of the race as well. Actually I am going to predict two major lectures by Dr. Bailey one to Meredith and the other to I am not going to touch on the Owen-Christian-baby thing. That just through me for a loop completely. And it really is s sticky situation. I mean Christian is not going to get the Chief Resident position as it is (unless Owen bribes her to keep the baby if he lets her become CR-I doubt this will happen though). With Teddy leaving the cardio princess will have no God to learn under—not that Teddy was doing much teaching, and she will feel compelled to be at her best and that means not pregnant. I have no idea how this is going to end. Now we have the Lexie-Mark-Avery love triangle. This back and forth between Sloan and Avery needs to start winding itself down, which means Lexie really needs to choose, and I think everyone, including Avery, knows it’s going to be Mark. McSteamy with a baby is just too much for little Lexie to resist. I don’t think Avery is going to be too heartbroken, especially if he becomes Chief Resident. Finally, Is Meredith leaving Seattle Grace? I think so; at least for the time being. In the promo we watch Chief Webber and Derek scold the not so sorry Meredith. I see Meredith having a heart to heart with Richard because after all, she did screw with the trial to save HIS wife. I think Derek is going to get more mad at Meredith than Richard, but in the end Richard will have to fire her in order to make sure that the hospital is not black listed prevent his clinical trial from succeeding. I think Meredith’s termination will open the doors for the writers to bring in new characters. We will start to see less and less of Meredith throughout season eight, since she will be focusing on her child. This will make a smooth transition to continue the show without the star who is said not to return after her contract is up next season. So what do you guys think? Is the season 7 finale going to be the beginning of the end of Meredith Grey? *Please note these are just my predictions, I have no evidence to state this is what is going to happen*
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