Dan the !$#!#

Wow Dan, you call yourself a christian and a teacher. I guess money means more to you then loyalty.. Danielle trusted you and had your back the whole way through the game!!!!! You are an !$#!# and a total dick!!! I bet Chelsea is sooo proud!!!! How do even sleep at night!!! I know it's a game, but you'd think that as an upstanding person you would never do that to such a trusting and loyal person. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree 100%! How ironic that he prides himself on being such a good Christian, as well as being a coach and mentor. I thought those kind of people were supposed to have integrity-he has zero. A person could use the "I need to do this for my family" excuse for any kind of behavior - robbing a bank, robbing an elderly or disabled person etc etc. I hated seeing him get by with all his BS each week. I sure hope he does not win!
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