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Weekly Auction
'True Blood' Sunglasses
'True Blood' Sunglasses
Description: Red and black sunglasses. Reads 'True Blood' on one side. 'HBO' logo on the other.
Current bid:
13 Bids
High bidder: dannylazo dannylazo
2 Bids
(enter 33,005 or more)
Auction ends Jul-28-2014 07:00 PM PST
5 days 20 hours 5 mins 7 secs
Bi-Weekly Auction
'Community' Season 1 DVD
'Community' Season 1 DVD
Description: The complete first season of NBC's comedy, 'Community.'
Current bid:
5 Bids
High bidder: ana5mk ana5mk
1 Bid
(enter 11,005 or more)
Auction ends Aug-04-2014 07:00 PM PST
12 days 20 hours 5 mins 7 secs
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Recent Winners

'Tosh.O Deep V's' on Blu-ray
'Tosh.O Deep V's' on Blu-ray $120,000 Jul-21-2014
'The Big Bang Theory' Comic-Con Bag
'The Big Bang Theory' Comic-Con Bag $8,000,000 Jul-21-2014
'Ravenswood' 3 Poster Pack
'Ravenswood' 3 Poster Pack $35,200 Jul-14-2014
USA Network T-Shirt
USA Network T-Shirt $225,005 Jul-07-2014