All New 'Without A Trace' Back Tonight on CBS
All New 'Without A Trace' Back Tonight on CBS
Bringing up the tail end to this week's avalanche of CBS shows coming back from the rerun court of last resort is the Anthony LaPaglia-led Without A Trace, which returns with its first post-strike installment this evening.  Without A Trace is back with a vengeance, featuring LaPaglia himself right smack in the thick of things in tonight's episode entitled “Hard Reset.”

Henry Thomas, who first came to prominence as a very young Elliott in Steven Spielberg's beloved E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, begins his multi-episode appearance with tonight's offering.

“Hard Reset” promises an hour of riveting action and suspense as Jack Malone (LaPaglia) and his team pursue a ring of sex traffickers.  Everyone fears the worst when Jack goes missing after attempting to track down a doctor responsible for illegal abortions on women forced into prostitution by the human traffickers.

With Vivian (Marianne-Jean Baptiste) already making headway into finding Franklin Romar (Henry Thomas), the leader of the sex trafficking syndicate, Jack decides to take things into his own hands.  He goes after Romar's henchman, who had kidnapped a young girl Jack rescued from the trafficker's den.  Jack winds up taking a life-threatening bullet, adding heightened drama to tonight's Without A Trace episode and aggravation to Jack's already unfavorable year so far.

Meanwhile, Poppy Montgomery's character, Sam, is still expecting on the series, despite the fact that Montgomery herself already gave birth to her first child, Jackson Phillip, back in December.  When Without A Trace left off prior to the scribes' walkout, Sam had just informed her one-night stand Brian (played by Montgomery's real-life beau and Jackson Phillip's dad, Andy Kaufman) about her pregnancy.  With the resumption of the show, viewers will find Sam trying to give her relationship with him a chance.

Don't miss the return of all-original Without A Trace, beginning tonight with “Hard Reset,” which airs at 10.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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