'Wipeout' Returns Tonight
'Wipeout' Returns Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
If you miss the sight of face smashing against red balls or asses splashing against water or the distinct commentaries, then better tune in tonight as the sophomore season of Wipeout returns on ABC.  What is touted to be as the world's biggest obstacle course, the ABC series scored the highest premiere rating of any show in last year's summer season when it debuted.

On Wipeout's second season, new obstacles will welcome the new batch of contestants, including Hurtles, Sweeping Gyro, and a Bridge Too Far, on top of the plank in the face, wrecking ball log roll, and aqua launch.  Hosted by John Anderson (ESPN's SportsCenter), John Henson (Talk Soup) and Jill Wagner, Wipeout is set to launch its 16-episode second season tonight 8pm on ABC.

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On the show, contestants compete through four rounds of obstacle course until a final winner is chosen.  The first round features 24 contestants, with only the top four advancing to the final round where the winner earns the title of Wipeout Champion and the attendant $50,000 grand prize.

The first season of Wipeout, taped on a ranch just outside Santa Clarita in California, averaged a little over 8.3 million viewers per episode, ranging from first to sixth for its weekly rank.

ABC recently took a replica of the Wipeout obstacle course on a road trip to let people experience the show for themselves, including the Spinning Log Roller and Sucker Punch Wall, while letting them win fun prizes.  The Wipeout Road Trip was set up outdoors and kicked off at Walt Disney World Resort on May 11 and traveled to select destinations, ultimately ending at the CMA Music Festival from June to 14.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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