'Big Brother 14' HG Willie Hantz Arrested for Drunk Driving
'Big Brother 14' HG Willie Hantz Arrested for Drunk Driving
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It seems no matter where he goes, former Big Brother 14 houseguest Willie Hantz gets in trouble. Less than a week ago he was expelled from the game for attacking another houseguest, which was just the fourth time the show has had to kick someone out of the house.

And now, according to TMZ, Willie has been arrested in Louisiana for driving under the influence.

The report from law enforcement in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana states that Willie Hantz was arrested at 2:07am for an OWI, operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Initially the police were responding to calls about a fight in a parking lot near some bars. When they arrived there was a large crowd, but no fight. They spotted a yellow 2012 Camaro driving out of the parking lot. When the cops approached the car Willie Hantz stepped out and started running, but was apprehended after a short pursuit.

Willie was the center of a huge verbal argument during the first week of Big Brother 14 and was kicked out last Friday when he headbutted fellow houseguest Joe Arvin. While most HGs are kept in sequester following their eviction (in case the show decides to add a twist where someone comes back into the game), obviously Willie's expulsion meant he returned home.

Since leaving Big Brother 14, Willie's allies in the house have been targeted and the remaining HGs have frequently made jokes about how happy they are that he's gone.

Willie comes from a notorious CBS reality family. His brother Russell was one of the biggest and most hated villains on Survivor.

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