Who Wants to be a Superhero? - Episode 2.6 Recap
Who Wants to be a Superhero? - Episode 2.6 Recap
It is the last Who Wants to be a Superhero? before the epic two hour finale next week.  The final four are Parthenon, Hygena, Hyper Strike, and the Defuser.  With the past few weeks' performances to reflect on, you might think this week is an easy one to predict, but in fact things went surprisingly wrong for one fledgling comic book character.  Also, this week Dr. Dark unveiled evil Stan.  Let the camp begin.

This week was one the most popular Who Wants to be a Superhero? challenges for the superheroes, the visit to an elementary school.   Last year, this was a pivotal challenge for the characters, and one that cost Major Victory a lot of ground. This year's batch did considerably better, with two very important exceptions.

The goal was to solve a coded message.  The cipher was a test of elementary school level questions that each hero had to complete with a group of children.  After introducing themselves with the aid of some crappy CGI, the heroes joined the kids to break the clues.

Parthenon essentially completed the test himself and in a cut-in explained that the task resembled Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader?, to which he replied “I am definitely smarter than a fourth grader.”

You just had to cringe when Hyper Strike told a shy child that he was embarrassed by his name as a child, and proceeded to reveal it to the children.  Interestingly enough he did not blink an eye.  As far as interaction with the kiddos went, it was all Hygena and Defuser, but Hygena blew it with her time, again, and knowing her vulnerability with Stan on that very issue, things were not looking up.

The Heroes were then summoned to a park, but not by Stan.  This time it was Evil Stan in control.  Essentially, he made the heroes look foolish for a while before tricking them into performing acts of villainy.  The worst was most definitely Parthenon who was asked to take a can from a woman and place it on a garbage can, which he did without batting an eye.  Most amusing would have to be Defuser asking people how to deal with a wedgie.

The Heroes are then led to a shipping container where they find Stan's pencil, but then are locked in.  They learn about Evil Stan from Dr. Dark, and are given an hour to escape.  After lurking around, they figure out they can make a fishing pole out of pieces laying around in the container and use it to retrieve a crowbar from outside.  Hygena essentially complains about the heat while Defuser frequently sniffs himself for BO. Thank's to Parthenon's quick wits, they are able to snag a crowbar and escape.

Back at the lair it is elimination time.  Hyper Strike, Hygena, and Parthenon are on the red.  Parthenon learns that when they polled the children for their favorites, he received no votes.  Stan is not impressed with his performance in the class or in the park.  Hyper Strike is admonished for giving away his secret identity.  Hygena gets whacked for being slow.

Parthenon is sent home.  Not surprising, but for a moment it did seem like Hyper Strike was in danger.  The idea of giving up your identity seems a little more severe for a superhero than being arrogant, but Stan's the Man.

It all boils down to the prediction of a Hyper Strike vs Defuser finale coming one step closer to reality.  Its all over next week in a double episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero?.  Don't forget to return for the blow by blow.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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