'Whitney' Season 1 Preview Guide: Throwback to Sitcom Days of Yore
'Whitney' Season 1 Preview Guide: Throwback to Sitcom Days of Yore
Stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings has quickly become the new it girl in Hollywood. She stars in the new show Whitney and is also an executive producer on the CBS comedy Two Broke Girls, premiering this fall. Her commitments on another network are hardly holding her back as she carries credits as creator, writer and star of the show that bears her name, Whitney. What laughs await in Whitney season 1?

The show centers around the lives of Whitney (Whitney Cummings) and her boyfriend Alex Green (Chris D'Elia). They have been together for five years and are exclusively committed to each other, but neither of them sees the importance of getting married. Whitney's mother will be played by Jane Kaczmarek, replacing Beverly D'Angelo, who played the role of Patti Morris in an original version of the pilot. Chances are Whitney's mother will try to goad her daughter into making her relationship official and find many opportunities to poke her head into affairs that don't pertain to her over the course of Whitney season 1.

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Whitney will premiere September 22 at 9:30pm, following the debut of James Spader on The Office. This time slot provided the fuel for Outsourced overstaying its welcome last season, so the show should be able to carve out a healthy niche for itself over the first few weeks with enhanced attention on its lead-in.

A good lead-in is a relic from network television past, but it's not the only one Whitney season 1 appears to be employing. Whitney is one of the few sitcoms in recent years, especially on NBC, to film using multiple cameras and to utilize a laugh track. The new show also hearkens back to the golden age of sitcoms by anchoring things to a stand-up comic and letting her carry the show in lieu of an ensemble.

There's a lot to be said for sitcoms on TV at the moment, but there's no debating that the quality and quantity was higher when practices like these were more commonplace; it's nice to see them maybe making a comeback. Viewers will be the ultimate judge, though, when Whitney season 1 premieres at 9:30pm on NBC September 22.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer