'White Collar' Summer Finale: What to Do with Elizabeth
'White Collar' Summer Finale: What to Do with Elizabeth
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The White Collar summer finale ended with a brilliant cliffhanger, even if it was telegraphed from the moment Mozzie ran into Keller. The villain who is after Neal's stolen treasure decided to force Burke to help him by kidnapping his wife, Elizabeth. The final, dizzying scene of Peter rushing home to find it torn apart and his wife missing (but presumably alive) was a perfect way to tease viewers and keep them excited until the show returns in the winter.

But on a more visceral level, I took great joy in watching the White Collar summer finale for a completely different reason: It gave me hope that maybe the show will kill off Elizabeth, or at the very least, give her something to do. Every Wednesday morning throughout the summer my fellow writer Laurel Brown and I discuss how thoroughly useless her character is. It's nothing against Tiffani Thiessen, it's just that the token wife of the main character has been a relatively dull and unimportant figure since the start of the series.

We've even talked about possible ideas to cure it, and while killing Elizabeth is often at the top of our list, letting her get kidnapped is a decent second choice (though I was always fond of the wacky notion that she and Mozzie could have an affair, since their friendship is her only redeeming quality).

The kidnapping cliffhanger, however, puts her at the center of the action and opens up possibilities for her character in the future (assuming they don't kill her off, which seems too dark for White Collar to be able to pull off). When Peter and Neal get her back, Elizabeth will certainly be scared and vulnerable. She could go one of two ways: get strong or get weak.

If it's the first, she could go to the shooting range and start worming herself into her husband's cases to be a part of the action so she doesn't feel like such a victim. If it's the latter, she could become a shut-in and Mozzie could help create an invasion-proof home. Hey, maybe the trauma could even send her into his arms and I could get my dream Mozabeth affair after all.

Sure, Mozzie parted ways with Neal after the hourglass ran out, but Elizabeth's kidnapping is also a great excuse for him to stick around, since "Mrs. Suit" is one of the few people he actually likes, and since he'll feel incredibly responsible since he put the hit out on Keller.

Basically, the summer finale cliffhanger of White Collar provided a great way to keep everyone involved in the action and give Elizabeth a purpose besides occasionally planning parties. Now we just have to wait until the winter to see what they're going to do with her.

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