'Weeds' High Five: 'Game-Played'
'Weeds' High Five: 'Game-Played'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Weeds, "Game-Played."

On tonight's episode, Nancy got a new case manager who does not pull punches. Shelby, the case manager, also runs the drug class Nancy was forced to take after failing her drug test. Shelby put Nancy on 48 hours probation and expected Nancy to find a stable new job. Nancy had a difficult time navigating her day with Shelby constantly checking up on her but Nancy Botwin thrives on complications.

High Five Highlights:

5. The Botwin boys got a new apartment. Desperate for a place to live, they agreed to take the first fixer-upper they could afford. Their new apartment is such a mess, the bathroom doesn't even have walls.

4. Jill wants Stevie. When Nancy talked to her frazzled sister, Jill revealed that she was trying to get Stevie into an elite school and claimed that it would be easier if Jill had custody of her nephew. Since Jill already appeared to be raising the boy as her own, this should not have come as a surprise.

3. Silas landed a gig. The artist, Maxeen, was so impressed with Silas that she hired him on the spot. Unfortunately, she did not bother to tell him that the piece she created required Silas to walk around in an inflatable bubble that would start to lose air. Andy managed to save the day and win the artist's admiration, as he was the only person to ever react to her piece.

2. Nancy got her weed. Nancy finally made the trade with Zoya's contact. Apparently, Demetri has many things in common with his sister, as Nancy was reminded of her former cellmate when she slept with him.

1. Nancy and Silas were reunited. Nancy went to drop off her stash at the boys' apartment and ran into her eldest child. The reunion was nothing if not awkward and Silas threatened to sell the drugs out from under her unless Nancy cut him in for half. Nancy made the deal and effectively added a new level of stress to their already-unsteady relationship.


- How long will Nancy be able to hide her real job from her new case manager?

- Has Andy met his match in Maxeen or is he in for more heartbreak?

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