'Weeds' High Five: 'From Trauma Cometh Something'
'Weeds' High Five: 'From Trauma Cometh Something'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Weeds, "From Trauma Cometh Something."

In the second episode of the season, Nancy tried to balance her old career with her new life, post-prison. Unfortunately, a bad job interview and some very good weed made that an impossibility and Nancy's life was back to being just as complicated as it has always been. And this viewer would not have it any other way.

High Five Highlights:

5. The Botwin boys arrived in NYC. Even Silas managed to make the trip but when Nancy spotted her family, she ran in the other direction. It was not the reunion they were expecting but when Nancy returned later that day, she got to share a few moments with Andy and Shane.

4. Nancy has a very interesting new roommate. While Nancy got off to a bad start with her new companion, Andy thought he made a much better impression. That is, until Shane pointed out that Luce had only flirted with Andy in order to steal his wallet.

3. Silas wanted to continue his modeling in the States. Silas went to a modeling agency his former employer recommended and expressed an interest in working for them. Though Silas was far from the typical male model, his impassioned speech convinced the agent to shop his portfolio around and see what happens.

2. Nancy had changed. At least, that was what counselor Ed told Andy and Shane. He gave them an instructional video tape on how prison changes people and if that was not enough to concern them, they later saw another woman get dragged back to prison for breaking the rules at the halfway house. Perhaps if Nancy were truly reformed, they would not have anything to worry about. Then again, where is the fun in that?

1. Nancy took measures to start up her old business. After blowing a real job interview, Nancy went to see Zoya's contact, who agreed to trade her one pound of weed for the weapons stash. He then allowed Nancy to sample the product, a move that prompted some very interesting conversation between Nancy and her family and also landed her in hot water with counselor Ed.


- How long will it be before Nancy's family gets back in on the action with her?

- Do you think Silas will go legit with his modeling or will he pulled back into the drug world?

Megan Cole
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