'Wayward Pines' Recap: Things Get Even Weirder and a Main Character is Killed Off
'Wayward Pines' Recap: Things Get Even Weirder and a Main Character is Killed Off
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Here we are in week two of Wayward Pines with "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before" and the plot continues its labyrinthine journey into insanity. The surprise ending of this episode has left viewers stunned and skeptical. Did that really happen? Is this some kind of bait-n-switch, or is that main character really dead? Further confusing the fact that the actor playing the part is credited for being in all ten episodes. Wha--? Yeah. 

Questions remaining from "Where Paradise is Home" include: How did Wayward Pines get to be like this? What retribution is so heinous that Ethan's ex-lover Kate would abandon her real life to avoid? What does Ethan Burke's Secret Service boss Adam Hassler know about what's going on and what experiment is Dr. Jenkins running that Ethan is unwillingly participating in? Sounds like a lot of questions, right? Well, Executive Producer M. Night Shyamalan has us right where he wants us -- turned around and flipped upside-down twisting in the wind and wondering what will happen next. Let's get to it. 

Beyond This Point You Will Die

When we last saw Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon), he was stranded in spooky Wayward Pines and cut off from the outside world. He'd found both of the missing federal agents he was looking for. One is dead, the other is playing June Cleaver in a freakish Leave It To Beaver -- Peyton Place hell where everyone is scared to death (literally) to break any rules and no one will tell him what the hell is going on. He tried to leave town, but there were no exits. Around the perimeter of the town is a deadly electric fence with the warning, "Risk of death. Return to Wayward Pines. Beyond this point you will die." That's where "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before" picks up. 

Sheriff Pope Quarantines Ethan to His Hotel Room

Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) smacks Ethan around a bit then tells him not to leave his hotel room while he himself pursues the case of the tortured and killed federal agent. Ethan leaves the hotel because he's not very good at following orders. 

Ethan returns to the Biergarten to visit Beverly (Juliette Lewis) and ask her some more questions. She tells him the whole place is bugged and being surveilled. He admits that he found dead Bill's notebook about how to escape Wayward Pines. He tries unsuccessfully to leave a message for his wife, Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon). He also figures out that whomever he talked to at the Seattle Secret Service office was a faker. In other words, the phones don't really go outside of Wayward Pines. 

A Marriage on the Rocks; a Despondent Kid

Flashbacks of Ethan and Theresa let us know that his affair with Kate had ended and that the couple was trying to put it behind them, but Kate is still understandably resentful and suspicious when Ethan works late. An alternate scene of present day outside Wayward Pines has Theresa and their son Ben wondering where Ethan has been for the last five days. Ben is sick of hearing that everything about his dad is "classified." 

Do Not Try to Leave

Through flashbacks, Ethan recalls the sensuality of his torrid affair with his partner Kate. Visiting her at her new business with her husband Howard, Ethan learns that the rotting agent, Bill Evans, left a wife, Patricia, and a baby behind. He asks her why all the money in Wayward Pines is counterfeit. She has no response. He gets nothing else out of Kate except a description of Patricia's house. As he's leaving Kate's toy store, he sees the official rules of Wayward Pines framed on the wall. As he stares at the list, Kate recites the rules for him. 

1. Do not try to leave.
2. Do not discuss the past.
3. Do not discuss your life before.
4. Always answer the phone if it rings.
5. Work hard, be happy, and enjoy your life in Wayward Pines!

Bill Committed Suicide

Patricia says her husband killed himself right in front of her. Turns out, Bill and Patricia have a newborn. (What? I thought Ethan said that he saw Bill only five weeks ago.) Sheriff Pope chastises Ethan for leaving the hotel and threatens to throw him in jail. Ethan ignores the threats and learns that Bill's corpse has been sent to the hospital morgue. Risking another run-in with Nurse "Ratched" Pam, Ethan visits the preternaturally quiet "hospital of the damned" and finds a tiny journal among Bill's belongings. 

Theresa and Ben Are Wheeled Away

As Ethan is leaving the morgue after a bizarre-o encounter with Nurse Pam, he sees orderlies wheeling two gurneys into another room. On those gurneys are the bodies of Ethan's wife Theresa and son Ben. It's like a scene straight out of a nightmare. He searches the hospital and can't find his family in any of the rooms. Instead, he runs into freaky psychiatrist Dr. Jenkins who empathizes with him, then tries desperately to get him to agree to brain surgery. The good doctor explains that everything crazy going on is a hallucination. Ethan walks out on Jenkins and Pam.

Theresa Is Not Dead

Back in the real world, Theresa talks to Ethan's boss, Adam, trying to get him to agree to publicizing the fact that Ethan is missing. Adam refuses. It's "classified." (So ... was Ethan hallucinating when he saw Theresa and Ben in the hospital? He must have been, right? Hell, I don't know, people.)

Ethan Shows the Escape Plan to Beverly Who Cuts Out His Implant

Ethan shows Bill's journal to Beverly back at the abandoned stone church building. She says before they try to escape she has to remove the tracking device that's been injected into Ethan's leg. She cuts it out, but tells him to keep it on his person. He duct tapes his gaping wound shut, then the two discuss their plan to escape. Beverly tells Ethan about how she landed in Wayward Pines and was treated at the "Hospital of the Damned" and was also told she'd been hallucinating. Eventually, she just gave in and has been keeping her head down ever since. She says the fear keeps people in line. 

Sheriff Pope Killed Bill Evans

"Fear of what?" Ethan asks Beverly. 
"Fear of getting the same punishment Bill Evans got," she tells him. Ethan wants to know what happened to Bill. Who killed him? (Queue the X-Files theme song) Turns out that Sheriff Pope slit Bill's throat with the whole town watching. (Raise your hand if you saw that coming.)

Beverly says she'd rather die than pretend life in Wayward Pines is normal for one more day. (Oh no!) Moments later, she and Ethan run into Kate and her husband, Howard, who invite them over for dinner and ask if the two are currently on a date. Later at the Biergarten, Sheriff Pope's secretary and Nurse Pam comment on the frequency of Ethan's visits to see Beverly and suggest that perhaps he's sweet on her. Beverly mentions about Ethan's wife and kid, and then realizes her folly in speaking of Ethan's "past" and shoots daggers from her eyes into Pam's and the secretary's faces. Figuratively, of course. 

Ethan Gives His Tracker the Slip

Ethan leaves his tracker (the one Beverly dug our of his leg) at "Hotel Hell" and takes off to investigate the terrain based upon the notes and maps he found with Dead Bill's junk. Walking through the forest he finds an escape pack Bill had hidden in a tree. He and Beverly plan to go to dinner at Kate and Howard's place where Beverly will ditch her tracker and then then the two will run off through the forest to escape Wayward Pines forever. 

Dinner with Kate and Howard 

Beverly is doubtful this plan will work. She's seen what happens when people try to leave Wayward Pines and she's ready to mess her drawers when Ethan promises her everything will work out. He's smooth, this Ethan. 

At dinner they make banal conversation until Beverly makes the fatal mistake of mentioning her daughter back in Portland. Spookily enough, Kate encourages Beverly to talk about her past, (Is she jealous of her ex-lover's 'date'?), knowing this is against the rules. What a witch! Beverly escapes to the bathroom to hyperventilate over slipping up by talking about the past. Ethan meets her out on the road where she's losing it and they decide to take off right away when the phones start ringing all over the neighborhood. Beverly knows this means a reconing is coming. 

The two run, but then separate. The residents of Wayward Pines swarm onto the streets armed with clubs and baseball bats until they capture a delirious Beverly, then drag her off to the town square.

Sheriff Pope Grandstands Then Kills (?) Beverly

Sheriff Pope waits on the town square platform and makes a speech about how Beverly broke the rules by talking about the past and trying to escape. He thanks Kate and Howard for doing their duty by reporting Beverly for her transgressions. Then he slits Beverly's carotid artery with a dagger and she appears to bleed out. (What? Is that it? Did he really just do that? But Juliette Lewis still has another eight episodes to appear in ... or was that just a conspiracy by the television industry and M. Night Shyamalan to fake us into a false sense of security that perhaps all of this is for show and a big trick is being played on Ethan.)

Ethan looks on in horror as some of the townspeople clap and hoot. Others grimace like they are going to puke. Pope announces again that there is no tolerance for those who do not play by the rules.

Theresa and Ben Are On Their Way

Our final scene as the ominous music swirls to a close is of Theresa and Ben driving through the rain toward Idaho. Will they be able to find Wayward Pines, or is it part of an alternate universe? If they do find it, will they be allowed in? If they make it in, will they be able to get out? And did Beverly really die, or was that just some kind of twisted ruse to confuse us even more? Tune in next week to find out the answers to these questions, but be prepared for a deluge of another set of questions.

Wayward Pines airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX. 

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