'Wayward Pines' Recap: Will Ethan Turn Into One of Them?
'Wayward Pines' Recap: Will Ethan Turn Into One of Them?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Our third installment of FOX's Wayward Pines picks up immediately following the murderous end of Ethan's one true ally, Beverly, at the hands of Sheriff Pope. As Ethan watched from behind a second story window, Sheriff Pope stood on a platform and slit a tethered Beverly's throat while the gathered residents of Wayward Pines watched, chanting the rules of the deranged community. Is Beverly really dead, or was this a giant hoax, a trick being played on Ethan by the puppet master behind Wayward Pines, or played on us by Mr. Shyamalan? That and many other questions remain unanswered as yet. "Our Town, Our Law" introduces yet another shocking death, though this one is convincingly carried out leaving no room for doubt as to its finality. 

Speaking of the death in "Our Town, Our Rules," what the bejeezus happened to the corpse at the end of this episode? That's one of the big mysteries, but we're getting ahead of ourselves, folks. Suffice it to say that whatever happened was some really weird stuff. That mystery will surely take almost the entire season to unravel. For now, we've lots to talk about in this episode of Wayward Pines. Let's get to it. 

Do Not Discuss Your Life Before

In "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before" we learned so much about the town of Wayward Pines and then witnessed the most disturbing plot twist since Game of Thrones' red wedding massacre. The sixty-second version of what we've learned goes like this: Sheriff Pope killed secret service agent Bill Evans while the whole town watched, every resident is implanted with a tracking device, the town lives by five untransgressable rules, Ethan's wife and son, Theresa and Ben, are on their way to Wayward Pines and Kate is a traitor willing to narc on Beverly, even if it means Beverly will die. 

Sheriff Pope is Eerily Emotional; Ethan Remains Undaunted

A child lies a calla lily on the scaffolding where Beverly's lifeless (?) body hangs after her throat was slit by Sheriff Pope as the first scene opens. Pope then addresses the townsfolk with an impassioned reminder of what Wayward Pines is all about. He Reminds them that there is nowhere else for them to go, that they should savor the present and accept each other for who they are rather than who they used to be, and that everyone must do his or her part. For a moment it sounds like he might break down into sobs. 

Ethan, meanwhile, follows Bill's map of Wayward Pines, hoping to escape, while unseen forces search for him. 

Ethan Pleads with Faithless Kate to Run Away with Him

Ethan emerges from the shadows of Kate's home when she returns from the reckoning. He tries to get her to escape with him, but she's terrified of the consequences if they don't succeed, which she knows they won't -- she's seen it happen to Bill and Beverly already, and who knows how many others. She tells Ethan he's been given an unheard of second chance, so he should just conform. Ethan refuses and sinks back into the shadows when Kate's phone begins to ring. 
A Glimmer of Hope Immediately Shattered

Ethan returns to the shack where he found Bill's mutilated corpse and finds Beverly hanging there like a side of beef. For a moment it looks like she could be alive and now they can really escape together. No way, Jose. Beverly has most definitely escaped Wayward Pines, but not in the way she wanted to. Ethan promises her corpse he will tell her daughter how hard she fought to get back to her. 

Theresa and Ben Travel to Boise

When Ben remains skeptical about his philandering father's disappearance, Theresa warns him never to bring up Kate's name in her presence again. They visit Secret Service Headquarters in Boise, ID, where Theresa hacks into Ethan's email account and looks at his credit card expenses. She locates the last place he stopped and learns the location of Ethan's accident just outside Wayward Pines. 

Back at home in Seattle, Adam is alerted that Ethan's email account has been accessed and calls Wayward Pines. Sheriff Pope stops Theresa on the road and fakes an oil leak to gain access under her hood where he cuts her brake line. Later we learn that Theresa and Ben have a car accident, landing them in Nurse Pam's spookily empty hospital from hell. 

Ethan Hitches a Ride

Ethan visits dead Beverly's house and runs into a curious realtor who doesn't turn him in. Spying a produce truck from Wyoming, Ethan covertly hitches a ride. When the truck parks for the night, Ethan emerges to find himself in some kind of parking structure or way station (?) full of dusty cars. He stumbles across Theresa's wrecked and dusty car which looks like it has been there for months. Inside the car is Theresa's wallet. As Ethan searches the wallet, Pope's arm bursts through the window and plunges a syringe full of sedative into Ethan's body. 

Ethan attacks Pope and the two duke it out. Ethan demands to know where his family is, but Pope just laughs maniacally. Finally, the drugs kick in and Ethan swaggers like a tranquilized elephant, falling face first on the cement floor.. 

Ethan awakens in the morning to find himself on the floor in the hospital. A call informs him that Theresa and Ben have been released already. Nurse Pam, holding an infant (What is that all about?) interrupts a conversation with three candy stripers to tell him that he can find his family back at Beverly's old place. This is the first time we see other people in the hospital with Pam other than creepy Doctor Jenkins who wanted to cut Ethan's brain open. Just how many people are there in this town anyway?

It's a Burke Family Reunion

Beverly's old house is stocked to feed an army. Ethan finds Ben and Theresa and there are hugs all around. He notices the cast on Ben's left arm and asks what happened to them.
Theresa and Ben can't remember having the accident. The realtor from a previous scene appears to welcome the family and alert Ethan that there are security cameras all over the place. When alone, Theresa tells Ethan that she was stopped by Sheriff Pope, which, of course, distresses Ethan. Out in the front yard some kid rides by on a bike and greets Ben by name. How creepy is that?

Ethan Reads Pope the Riot Act

Ethan boogies over to the sheriff's office and finds Nurse Pam and Pope having a tete-a-tete. Ethan threatens to kill Pope if he doesn't stay away from Theresa and Ben. He also demands to know why no one can leave. Pope gets in Ethan's face and tells him his family will be better off if he simply conforms because he will not like what is behind door number three. 

Who the Hell Is In Charge of Wayward Pines?

An interesting dynamic reveals itself in Pope's office. All along it has seemed like Sheriff Pope was the seat of power in this freaky little town. However, Nurse Pam asserts her authority over Sheriff Pope. Pope acknowledges this authority and backs off of Ethan when Pam commands him to. Before leaving, Ethan poses some more questions, but then chides the two, stating that he knows they are not the ones in charge. Going forward on Wayward Pines we will see how Nurse Pam's authority grows as Pope's diminishes. We will also see much more of the real estate agent who brought the Burkes to Beverly's old house. 

Throughout the episode people receive phone calls to interrupt conversations. It's clear that the people monitoring the surveillance intend to control what people say even in the privacy intimacy of their own homes. That happens when Ethan visits Kate late at night, then when Ethan and Theresa begin to discuss what she remembers from her accident, then again when Pope tells Ethan about door number three. What on earth?

Pope Eats Theresa's Ice Cream Without Being Invited

Ethan runs off to meet Kate in the forest and Ben takes off in the rain, leaving Theresa alone in the house. She's shocked to find Pope helping himself to the ice cream in her freezer. Pope came to find out if Theresa was grateful for him saving her life. When he gets indignant at the lack of appreciation, she tells him to leave. Pope seems deranged and creepy throughout this scene. Actually, he was arguably deranged in the opening scene making his speech in front of the lynch mob who watched him kill Beverly. As "Our Town, Our Rules' progresses, Pope continues to lose his cookies. 

Is There a Time Warp Going On?

Kate explains that it had been ten years after her own arrival in Wayward Pines when Bill showed up one day in her toy store, not having aged a day. Again this issue of time confusion is presented. Remember that Kate, whose hair had been pixie-like just five weeks ago, has aged quite a bit since Ethan last saw her. She insists that it was two years since Bill was killed, though he's only been missing fro Seattle for a couple of weeks. Beverly had the same time confusion. She thought she'd only been in Wayward Pines for a year, yet it had been way more than that. (Queue The Twilight Zone theme song)

The Truth Is Worse Than Anything You Could Imagine

When Ben tells Theresa that Ethan was with Kate in the woods, the two take off on foot with their suitcases, only to be chased off the road by a maniacal Sheriff Pope's truck. He chases them all the way to the electric wall surrounding Wayward Pines. When there is nowhere else for them to go, Pope pulls a gun. Ben lashes out until Pope clocks him, then tosses him in the truck. Big mistake, Sheriff Pope! He then approaches Theresa and is tackled by Ethan who comes flying out of the nowhere. 

Pope and Ethan tussle (again) until Pope gets the upper hand and pulls his gun on Ethan who lies prone on the ground. As Pope cocks his gun, Ben runs him down with the truck. Ethan then shoots Pope dead with Pope's gun. Pope's dying words: "You think you want to know the truth, but you don't. The truth is worse than anything you could imagine." 

Ransacking Pope's pockets, Ethan takes his keys and depresses a little remote. A section of the electric wall rises like a utility grade garage door. A crouching two-legged creature with snot green skin and protruding spinal plates makes Jurassic Park-type noises as it carries off Pope's body, completely freaking out the entire Burke family. Instead of escaping through the raised door, Ethan slams the truck into reverse as the curtain falls. 

Why Does Wayward Pines Want Ethan Burke?

For some reason, Ethan Burke has been cut a fair amount of slack in Wayward Pines. Everyone knows Ethan is trying to escape, which goes against Rule #1: Do Not Try To Leave. Beverly was slaughtered for mentioning her daughter, yet Ethan's transgressions are much more grave and he has yet to be punished other than to be chastised. Pope and Dr. Jenkins refer to the fact that Ethan's family were brought here to encourage him to comply. Why does Ethan get that privilege when most everyone else is forced to deny their previous lives? Jenkins says Wayward Pines needs someone like him.  

What the hell does that mean? Now that Pope is out of the way, can the captives of Wayward Pines leave town? What about Nurse Pam? And who the hell is the puppet master monitoring everyone?

Wayward Pines airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX. 

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