'Vikings' Video Preview: Rampage of the Monastery on 'Wrath of the Northmen'
'Vikings' Video Preview: Rampage of the Monastery on 'Wrath of the Northmen'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Vikings had a resounding premiere last Sunday with over 10 million viewers tuning in to check out this new epic series. Despite the Chieftain's orders that Ragnar sail to the east as they always have done, the young warrior will instead move forward with his own plans. In "Wrath of the Northmen," Ragnar puts together a crew and sets sail for the west.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Vikings spoilers and clips for "Wrath of the Northmen."

Ragnar's voyage is not without challenges. His plan to use the compass and special rock to navigate to the west is disrupted when the ship sails into a dangerous storm. 

In the aftermath, they use birds to determine whether they have succeeded or failed in their mission. Those few moments are suspenseful as their fate is being determined by the featured creatures.

Check out a preview for "Wrath of the Northmen."

Highlights from the preview:

  • Ragnar recruits men to join him on the journey to the west.
  • "There are no lands to the west." -- Earl Haraldson is convinced.
  • Athelson warns the other monks that the outsiders have arrived.
  • The Vikings land on the beach and prepare their raid.
  • Haraldson questions a man about forging Ragnar's anchor.
  • While the Vikings descend on the monastery, the monks pray.
  • Ragnar and his men brutally kill the monks they meet.
  • Athelson asks Ragnar to spare his life, which he does. Rollo questions Ragnar's decision to keep the monk alive and reminds his brother they are "equals."

Prior to the invasion of Ragnar and his men, Athelson warns the Father that the signs are showing that Judgment Day has come. The Father tells Athelson "that all shall be well." 

Ragnar is surprised to meet someone who speaks his language. Athelson is holding the Gospel of Saint John and Ragnar questions why he would save that book over all the treasure in the room.

Ragnar believes in the pagan gods, so the monastery and the monks are an alien concept to him. 

"Because without the word of God there is only darkness." -- Brother Athelson

Vikings airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on HISTORY.

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(Image and video courtesy of HISTORY.)