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Kris De Leon
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One of the latest offerings of FOX, Unhitched is a comedy series from the creative minds of the Farrelly Brothers.  Previously known as The Rules for Starting Over, the series is about a group of newly single friends learning the harsh lessons and realities of starting over in their 30s.

Set in Boston, the single-camera comedy focuses on a woman and three men, who aspire to settle down despite their previous failed relationships.  Together, they must navigate the tricky and complicated waters of dating to find their true loves, while dealing with each other's complicated personalities.

Craig Bierko, Johnny Sneed, Shaun Majumder, and Rashida Jones sum up the cast of Unhitched. On the series, they each play a unique character that depicts a certain type of single person struggling to find “the one.”

Bierko, known for the 1996 action film The Long Kiss Goodnight and for his role in Cinderella Man, plays Jack “Gator” Gately, a charming leader who is having a hard time dealing with the fact that he is single again.  Nevertheless, he is determined to make the most of his unattached state as he tries to weed out the best from society's pool of women. 

Joining Gator in his romantic pursuits is his best friend Tommy, played by Johnny Sneed of The Guardian.  As a thrice-divorced founder of an upstart microbrewery, he continues to have an enormous appetite for women, not to mention food and beer.  But his quest for his fourth marriage might not be that easy, as he always disastrously falls in love too easily.

Rounding out the men is Dr. Freddy Sahgal, portrayed by Shaun Majumder of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle fame.  Although he is considered an expert in his career as a surgeon, he appears to be the least equipped of the group to handle the harsh realities of dating.

Reluctantly tagging along with the group is Kate, played by The Office's Rashida Jones.  This smart and successful attorney has handled all three of the boy's divorces.  After a seven-year engagement, she finds herself dumped, trying to penetrate the competitive world of dating.

20th Century Fox Television, Conundrum Entertainment and Watson Pond Productions are the producers of Unhitched.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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