'Under the Dome' Recap: Meet the New Big Jim
'Under the Dome' Recap: Meet the New Big Jim
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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While the first episode of Under the Dome season 2 started off with a bang, the second episode just leaves you frustrated with more questions. But I guess that's the point of Under the Dome. This week, Rebecca, Barbie and Big Jim try to save their crops and food supply after an infestation. An investigation is opened into Angie's death, while Junior/James struggles with who may have killed her. And we still don't know who mystery girl is and what her purpose in the dome is.

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The Rise of Big Jim as Chester's Mill's Leader

Under the assumption that the dome is testing him, Big Jim is taking on a bigger role as leader of Chester's Mill. Rebecca comes to him about an infestation of the crops. And after she starts a fire to kill the caterpillars and eggs, he works with her and Barbie to use a crop dusting plane to spray pesticides on them. While in the air, Barbie starts to run out of fuel and Big Jim lets him know of a reserve tank to save him.

Later on, Rebecca lets Big Jim know that the town needs him and he delivers a eulogy at Angie's funeral as more of a pep talk for the town to band together to survive. Everyone leaves basically worshipping Big Jim. 

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Who Killed Angie McAlister?

Unfortunately for Junior/James, he's the one who finds Angie's body in the school. Phil finds a girl's shoe print at the scene. Norrie tells Joe about the shoe print and they immediately tell Phil about mystery girl. The mystery girl doesn't deny being at the school; however, she says she witnessed a man attacking Angie and was too scared to intervene. They don't believe her and Phil takes her in for questioning.

After an investigation of her body, Julia and Sam find a man's handprint on Angie's arm and they let mystery girl go.

Meanwhile, Junior/James turns his attention back to Big Jim, thinking he's killed Angie. But after a night of drinking and finding Angie's bracelet in the jail cell he was laying in, he runs to Sam and confesses that he thinks he's actually killed Angie. But we honestly still don't know who did it.

There was not much going on in this episode, which was disappointing after all the action last week. Big Jim is finally taking over the town, which is what he wanted all along. But apparently, the town is looking to him as a leader. Is this really what the dome wants? Is it really testing Big Jim? The one thing that actually made sense this week was when Rebecca informed Big Jim at the end of the episode that the town was running out of supplies and food to survive.

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While this week was disappointing, I am curious as to what the rest of the season holds. I'm really hoping that Sam and Rebecca drive a wedge in Julia and Barbie's relationship because conflict is always fun and interesting.

Under the Dome airs Monday nights at 10pm on CBS.

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