'Under the Dome' Recap: Is Sam Telling the Truth About the Dome?
'Under the Dome' Recap: Is Sam Telling the Truth About the Dome?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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It seems some have an alternate agenda in Chester's Mill, but some may say that it's really the dome that is dictating what happens. In the sixth episode of Under the Dome season 2, Sam and Barbie venture into the locker tunnel to find Lyle, while Rebecca and Julia butt heads to try and save them after a booby-trap. Junior, Melanie, Norrie and Joe attempt to find answers about why the dome chose them. And Big Jim stirs up support as a dust storm hits the town.

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A Power Struggle in Chester's Mill

Even though Big Jim and Julia made nice last week, it's clear the two will never see eye to eye. While Julia feels Chester's Mill belongs to the people, Big Jim disagrees and wants to lead the town his way because that's what the people need.

While Julia works with Rebecca to rescue Sam and Barbie from the locker tunnel, Big Jim sees the time as a way to gain support from the town. As a dust storm hits, he steals Rebecca's idea to set up a mist-dispersal system to clear up the air. He heads to the diner and puts the idea up for a vote. At first, no one wants to side with him. But after seeing how bad it is outside, they quickly change their tune and help Big Jim set up the big windmill, which works to clear up the dust.

Later on, he makes Julia look like the bad guy because she was helping Barbie instead of the town.

Sam Thinks He Has the Answers

Sam follows Junior down into the locker tunnel to find Lyle. Barbie goes after them. There is a trap set up around Pauline's journal, which separates Barbie and Sam from Junior. The two keep going deeper into the tunnel, while they basically continue to size each other up. They split up in a fork in the tunnel but end up on the same path, which leads them to a cliff that doesn't seem to end.

As they ponder where Lyle actually went and why the dome doesn't reach this far, Barbie continues his interrogation of Sam about Melanie, what happened in 1988 and who killed Angie. Sam tells Barbie that it was Lyle who pushed Melanie and killed her because of the egg. He explains that all the dome has done is cause pain. When Barbie sees the scratches on Sam's shoulder, he confesses that he did kill Angie. He says that he's just following Pauline's journal, which has predicted everything thus far about the dome. He thinks that if all "four hands" are killed, the dome will come down. He also says he'll kill himself when the dome is down because he can't live with the pain anymore.

Barbie tells Sam he has to face Junior and tell him what he's done. However, Sam throws himself off the cliff and warns that Barbie will soon know what it's like to feel the pain he's felt all these years.

Rebecca and Julia Make Nice

It seems Rebecca and Julia are making nice, at least for now. The two pair up to save Sam and Barbie after they get trapped. Even though they don't trust each other at first, while they work to build a bomb to blast the rocks, they learn more about each other and trust each other in the end.

What's Up with the Egg?

After Junior comes back up from the tunnel, he and Melanie head to find Norrie and Joe to keep them safe from Lyle. If the journal is correct, everyone fearing Lyle, or whoever at this point, will keep going after the "four hands" to bring the dome down. Even though Norrie and Joe are arguing, they all convince Junior to go find the egg in the lake to find some answers about what the heck is going on.

They do summon the egg back up. Back at the house, all four put their hands on the egg in the hopes of unlocking more clues. Pink stars come out of it and some form a shape of a tower that Melanie says is located in her hometown of Zenith.

After all that talk of Sam last week, it could be that he's not a killer, he's just driven by the dome. I have a funny feeling this isn't the last we'll see of Sam, or Lyle for that matter. That cliff has to lead to somewhere. I'm assuming it just leads outside the dome, but who knows?

I am still curious what Barbie and Melanie's connection is. Since the egg's stars formed the tower shape that's in Zenith, it has to mean that they are somehow connected. Especially since why Barbie is in town in the first place still hasn't been answered since season 1.

I don't fully trust Rebecca. Even though she helped Julia and showed a vulnerable side when talking about her past, there's still something up with her. And I'm getting real tired of Big Jim and his conniving ways. I know every show needs a villain, but I think the dome is enough of a villain. Or maybe the dome is just proving a point about humanity and life?

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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