'Ugly Betty' to Hit Broadway? Plus Becki Newton Speaks Up About Amanda
'Ugly Betty' to Hit Broadway? Plus Becki Newton Speaks Up About Amanda
With the recently concluded second season of Ugly Betty, fans can’t help but think what’s in store next season.  Silvio Horta has already told us that he’ll be refocusing the show to revolve around Betty and Betty alone, and this may mean bad things for some of the characters who might get chopped off.  We recently heard about Rebecca Romijn’s role on the show as being tagged as recurring instead of regular, and fans did get a little bit worried.

Now that the show is on hiatus in preparation for its third season, two of Ugly Betty’s cast members spoke up about other possible Ugly Betty ventures, and what’s to come in the third season of the show.

Recently, Michael Urie, who plays the flamboyant Marc St. James, spoke to Britain’s Heart FM and talked about the possibility of a Broadway rendition of the highly successful dramedy.

“They do want to do an ‘Ugly Betty’ musical, a full-on Broadway musical, but it’s all hush-hush,” Urie said.

He continued to say that the whole cast would be glad to be part of an endeavor like this, and piped up some suggestions about getting the real cast for the stage rendition.

"I think it would be great, and they should use the cast from the show," he said. "I think we would all do it, although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while, and then they could get real people in."

Moreover, Urie confirmed the previous speculations about a musical episode on Ugly Betty. He said, "They definitely want to do an episode that is a musical one."

As for his lovely counterpart, Amanda Sommers, Becki Newton says that her character has definitely gone places she's never predicted to go.

"I never could have predicted where the character has gone," Newton told the Boston Herald. "My favorite thing is when Amanda is just stirring stuff up."

"From birth, Amanda has been trying to find herself," she continued. "There’s resolve in the search with who her father is and how she sees herself. She’s made peace."

Moreover, Newton says that the move to refocus the show on Betty is a fairly good idea.

"I do love the idea of the show being refocused on Betty," she says. "Seeing everything through Betty’s eyes and including Betty’s point of view has made all the story lines more grounded."

In fact, Newton believes that Amanda is harboring secret emotions towards Betty.

"I think Amanda is secretly in love with Betty. When Betty walks in the office, Amanda perks up," she says. "I think Amanda wants to be Betty. Betty never treats Amanda the way Amanda treats Betty. I think Amanda was probably a geek when she was younger and now she’s overcompensating."

Becki Newton believes in the authenticity of her character. She says that Amanda is real and that she isn't just a "stand-up comic."

"These girls really do exist. Anyone like Amanda is flattered to be imitated," she says. "I don’t play her as a joke."

Moreover, Newton admits that she isn't anything like Amanda in real life. She adds that people don't even recognize her as Amanda on the streets.

"I don’t go to Starbucks in heels and makeup," she says.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Access Hollywood, Boston Herald
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