'Ugly Betty' Star Clears Up Engagement Rumors, Talks About New Projects
'Ugly Betty' Star Clears Up Engagement Rumors, Talks About New Projects
With the much-awaited return of Ugly Betty hitting airwaves this Thursday, April 24, fans are already hyped to see the funny antics that only Betty Suarez can cook up.  America Ferrera returns as Betty Suarez along with the rest of the Mode crew to entertain us with more laughs and heartfelt drama that is distinctly Ugly Betty.  However, before we all get too excited for Thursday's episode, America Ferrera herself has taken the time off to clear out some issues regarding her personal life, and talk about some of her other projects outside the Mode world.

"I make a point of not talking about my personal life," the 24-year-old award-reaping actress claims.  However, more recently, reports have been circulating that Ferrera and her longtime boyfriend, aspiring director Ryan Piers Williams, are finally engaged.

"No, we're not engaged," America Ferrera told the National Ledger.  "We've never been engaged -- though there have been at least 100 reports this past year that I was engaged to Ryan."

Ryan Piers Williams and America Ferrera first met at USC and later began dating after Williams cast Ferrera in his student film.  The two currently live together in their Hollywood home with their "baby," Buddy, a golden retriever.

Despite the non-engagement, the Ugly Betty star claims that her relationship with her boyfriend is going strong.  Ferrera confirms, "Ryan and I are still together."

Being the successful actress that she is, Ferrera couldn't avoid the rumors and false news that follow most of Hollywood celebrities today.  So how does she deal with all the misinformation about her and her personal life?

"You have to ignore some of the things that are said about you," Ferrera said. "Laugh at others -- and just shake your head over the fact that there are people who can't find anything better to do with their time then literally create quotes out of thin air."

While some rumors may be silly, others are obnoxious and can actually destroy one's credibility.  Fortunately for the Ugly Betty star, none have been too damaging to handle.

"Some of the things are awful," she admits.  "One magazine, for instance, quoted me as saying that when I was younger, I used to cry at my reflection.  I never said such a thing!"

Ferrera believes that it is just a matter of keeping her private life away from the cameras would help prevent misinformation from circulating.  Moreover, she believes that she doesn't have to suffer from invasion of privacy just because she has risen to become one of today's most popular stars.

"I don't think I should have to sacrifice self-respect," Ferrera said.  "People should have respect for others and not chase personalities in their cars or show up in front of their homes."

Nonetheless, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress says that she does enjoy a little attention from her fans outside of the filming world.  They just have to make sure that she isn't caught up in some private affair.

"I do enjoy it when fans come up to me and say they love my series and like my work," she said.  "But there's a time and place for everything.  Having strangers approach you when you're out having an intimate dinner or, for instance, when you're on the cell phone, well, that can get pretty obnoxious."

Meanwhile, America Ferrera has been very busy with not only Ugly Betty, but also a couple of film projects as well.  The actress is set to reprise her role on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film, which she says will be "very different in feel from the original."  The film will be featuring the four ladies "grown up and trying to deal with friendship after their lives have taken them in different directions, with experiences the others haven't shared."

Moreover, Ferrera is also set to play a runner in a new film.  In fact, she has already toned her body to fit into the role, a move that she says her Ugly Betty co-workers "have been completely respectful" towards.  Nonetheless, she assures fans that her role on the film will not affect her work on Ugly Betty.

"It's a role that calls for a completely different physique.  She's a runner in a very different emotional space, which calls for me to make physical changes," Ferrera said.

Catch Ugly Betty as it returns on Thursday, April 24 with new episodes on ABC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: National Ledger, PR-Inside.com, People.com
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