'Ugly Betty' Season 2 Premieres Tonight
'Ugly Betty' Season 2 Premieres Tonight
The highly-anticipated second season of Ugly Betty is premiering tonight, and fans can expect a couple of resolutions, one of which promises to pack an emotional wallop.

According to ABC, the new season opens with Betty (America Ferrera) trying to regain some order after a series of unfortunate events left her life in chaos.  Amidst all this, she still cannot admit just how much Henry's (Christopher Gorham) departure has affected her.

At the Ugly Betty season 1 DVD release party, Gorham told the Associated Press that viewers will not want to miss the beginning of tonight's episode, as it contains a hilarious scene involving Betty, Henry, and Charlie, Henry's pregnant girlfriend.

"I can't tell you how he comes back.  I can tell you that you cannot miss the first five minutes of the first episode of season two.  It's one of the funniest scenes that we have shot to date.  It's a Betty, Henry, Charlie scene.  It's subtitled.  It's really incredible,” Gorham said.

As for the show's other characters, Amanda, played by Becki Newton, deals with the fact that she is actually Fey Sommer's daughter by consuming loads of junk food and turning to her best friend, Marc (Michael Urie) for support.

“Amanda turns into a big fattie,” Newton told ABC.com during the DVD party.  “She had a rough summer so [she] ate her way through a lot of bags of twinkies… Watch the first episode, you'll see what I'm talking about.”

Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams), meanwhile, tries to use the tragic Meade family events to her advantage.

Guest stars who are slated to appear in the second season premiere include Lorraine Toussaint, Max Greenfield, Jayma Mays and Kevin Alejandro.  All four will reprise their respective roles.

In the first season finale, it was revealed that Henry might not be the father of Charlie's (Mays) unborn child.  TV Squad reported early this month that viewers will find out who the real father of Charlie's baby is in the premiere.

As for Santos (Alejandro), who was shot during a convenience store robbery in last season's finale, TV Squad said he will make an appearance in the premiere episode as well, although it is not clear if his return is in the form of a flashback, a dream sequence, or something else.

The second season of Ugly Betty premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, TV Guide, TV Squad, TV Rage
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