Beckham Brood Invades 'Ugly Betty'
Beckham Brood Invades 'Ugly Betty'
Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice and currently the epitome of a real deal footballer wife as Mrs. David Beckham, recently did a cameo on the popular ABC sitcom, Ugly Betty.  But it wasn't just mama Beckham who came to the Ugly Betty set.  Her three children with England's football god were also in tow and made as huge an impact on the show as Victoria did.

Michael Urie, who plays the colorfully gay Marc St. James on Ugly Betty, literally got the butt end of the Beckham brood's on-set antics and was lucky enough to live to tell about it.

In the episode featuring the ex-Spice Girl, Vanessa Williams' character, Wilhelmina Slater, is getting hitched to Bradford Meade (Alan Dale).  Victoria Beckham plays one of the bridesmaids in the installment aptly entitled “Nice Day for a Posh Wedding.”  For the editor from hell's nuptials, Beckham wore a figure-hugging piece by celebrity designer, Vera Wang, and reportedly pocketed £70,000 for her cameo.

The side story of the special episode however, was Michael Urie's closer than desired encounter with Victoria's three children.  Apparently, one of the scenes in “Nice Day for a Posh Wedding” showcases Williams giving Urie, who plays her faithful assistant, a kick.  Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham became curious as to how Williams managed to kick Urie without hurting him.  Urie obligingly went on to demonstrate how to fake kick someone in such scenes, something he probably regrets after it elicited much practice from the Beckham brood with Urie as their target.

“So, I showed them how to fake kick someone,” Urie said at the Outfest Legacy Project's Legacy Awards on Thursday.  “Then they proceeded to fake kick me.  These are soccer spawn, and they could kick - and they didn't always miss!  I spent about a half hour getting kicked by Beckham spawn!”

As for the former Posh Spice, a source claims that the fashionable singer, wife and mom had fun during her Ugly Betty stint.

"Victoria had a blast filming - and everyone loved having her on," the source said.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: E! Online, ANI
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