'Twisted' Recap: Smells Like Teen Conspiracy
'Twisted' Recap: Smells Like Teen Conspiracy
Emily E. Steck
Emily E. Steck
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Danny feels a whole pile of guilt in this week's episode of Twisted, which proves he is not a socio, to my vast disliking.

I have just officially learned that the shipping part of Twisted boils down to Janny -- Danny and Jo -- and Dacey -- Danny and Lacey. I really don't care for either ship, but a basic Tumblr search tells me that this is an all-out ship war. And given Jo and Danny's closeness this episode, it's about to possibly explode again.

But this is a neutral, ship-free recap. I am fond of all the characters, except for Tess, and am especially fond of Jo and Lacey. 

These Hashtags Need to Stop

Did they not try and find Vikram's body at the bottom of the cliff? What's going to happen when they do find the body? Questions I would have liked to have seen addressed with a bit more than some guilt. Jo consoles Danny for what can be considered as justifiable homicide. But Danny appears to have liked it a little bit too much or something? This not clear, but I assume it will be. 

Also, Karen's love interest Jack, who she was definitely sleeping with while married to Vikram, is around. Where he was the last few years, who knows? Karen needs some lovin' too!

I'm skipping around a bit and oversimplifying, but it needs to be stated: I hate the hashtags that pop up during the show. I get it, ABC Family: you want this to be a social experience and gain ad money. I want you to have money to produce shows like Twisted and The Fosters. Everyone should be watching The Fosters. But do they have to be the worst hashtags ever?

I do not like hashtags telling me what to tweet about and more importantly what the scene is about. #TellRico must be what Jo wants to do or what the fans want her to do. The point of this scene, in case you can't realize, is that Jo should tell Rico about her thing with Danny or whatever.

The Case is Coming to An End

The sheriff's department is looking for Marilyn and proof that she has tampered with the evidence. Whoever hired this Marilyn chick would have had to know she worked for Vikram Desai, concludes hot Deputy Beaver. I may have promised last week I'd learn his name, but I'm still marathoning Greek so in the sake of hashtags -- #sorrynotsorry. Luckily, they find her and look to who she is conspiring with. 

Jo meets Danny the next day, wearing the most ridiculous orange beanie. Why does the show's stylist hate her? Remember in the pilot when Jo had crazy out of control bed head? Now she has this perfectly curled hair with the beanie. Rant over.

Danny is mostly concerned with his girls in this order: Mother, Lacey, Jo. And he wants to be around these people, but the guilt is eating at him. Danny plans on not running, but telling the truth to the one person who might help him: Jo's dad. 

See, Danny has killed his father in self-defense. Having assumed the killer role for so long, he feels weird for actually being the killer. Jo, for her part, is supportive. Again, I really want Danny to be a sociopath and the one who killed his father and his aunt. Let him finish. It would have been great. It would have been amazing. Unfortunately, Danny is experiencing too much guilt so that theory is nixed. 

Instead, my investigation and the show's turns to Regina's mother, Mrs. Crane, caught up in a conspiracy with Vikram and the mayor. I want to point out that Regina's mother is the vampire representative from True Blood. She thoroughly creeps me out. (Speaking of creepers, Lacey's new love interest is helping out Mrs. Crane's. The show's blatant attempt to push them together annoys me. Go away, love interest who meddles.)

Under a tense interrogation scene, it is revealed that Mrs. Crane had an affair with Vikram. They were in love! Ahem. Okay, Mrs. Crane. I'm sure he also wasn't trying to bang your daughter as well. Also, everyone is in love with Desai men on this show. Mrs. Crane knows where Marilyn is, though, and knows Marilyn took the necklace and framed Danny. 

With Mrs. Crane's interrogation/confession, the sheriff departs to the local media, where they announce Danny is clear of murder charges. Yay! Except Danny has shown up to confess to killing his dad. But naturally, he wusses out.

Where Does The Show Go Now?

The "love interest" continues to creep on Lacey. Lacey, for her part, is sassy with him at first, but that's her MO. But this dude looks like her type: bad boy, douchebag, weird haircut. So her interest is piqued. 

Elsewhere, Jo has a lot of busy work. She shows up at Danny's house on the swing set where she thought Danny murdered his aunt. And they talk about their secret. #DannysNewSecret is 1000 times as bad as #TellRico. Speaking of Rico, Jo and Rico have another scene about romantic feelings where Jo is adorable here and sincere but leading Rico on just a little bit.

Readers, Jo is my absolute favorite. I don't understand why people hate her. She is a complex lead and believable teenage girl. Like when she runs into Lacey next, she realizes that Dacey is not about her. The two have a relationship and a deep bond. Of course, Lacey starts talking about how free and happy Danny must be, and Jo remains another bad liar. Jo and Lacey should hold a competition for who is the worst liar. Lacey will win, hands down. They should drive down to PA and take notes from the network's other liars.

And the final scene shows Tess, calling Vikram on her secret phone, waiting for his call. And then cutting to a dead-looking Vikram, and a person who is a fan of black standing next to him...

So where does the show go now? It looks like Lacey's love interest has a history with Danny and there will probably be more shipper tension. But the mystery, though sort of solved, is still on. If Danny can't be the main villain on this show, I want it to be Tess. I hate Tess for mostly irrational reasons, but she is guilty of a lot of crazy stuff. If she is "evil" or at least involved in all of this, it makes the whole thing great. I would love for Tess to go down for murder or something evil. It would make Jo a true pariah and the seriff look like a fool.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Are you a shipper of Dacey or Janny? Do you care? Is my hatred of Tess irrational or do you also dislike her?

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC Family.

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