'True Detective' Recap: The Case Is Solved ... Or Is It?
'True Detective' Recap: The Case Is Solved ... Or Is It?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's all about head games, implications and lies in this fifth episode of True Detective. And unlike in past weeks, the past of the show moves pretty quickly. However, it ends with a twist as usual. Rust Cohle and Marty Hart finally find Ledoux and become heroes. Then it moves forward to 2002, when we know that Marty and Rust have a falling out. In present day, it's implied that Rust might not be who he says he is.

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Tracking Down Reggie Ledoux

Shortly after the shootout, Rust makes Ginger take him to an associate of Ledoux's. Rust and Marty track down the associate -- Dewaul -- and find Ledoux. They move in pretty quickly and cuff him, where he's spouting off some gibberish about black stars rising. While Rust holds Ledoux, Marty goes to find Dewaul. Instead, he finds two children chained up in a trailer. He immediately comes out and kills Ledoux. As Dewaul runs away, he hits one of his own booby-trap grenades.

Rust and Cohle, realizing the mess they made, quickly set up the scene to make it like they were shot at first. The pair become heroes in the department and even get promoted and a medal. Even after almost 20 years, they still tell the story that they were shot at first, covering up what really happened.

What Happened in 2002?

In their personal lives, Marty reconciles with his wife after a lot of work and Rust starts dating one of Maggie's friends for a while. Over the years, Rust becomes a legend in getting confessions from suspects, so much that often detectives would request him for interrogations.

Meanwhile, Marty is having problems at home with his eldest daughter, Audrey, rebelling. She gets caught in a compromising position with two older boys, and he is not happy -- and rightfully so, as any parent would be with their teenage daughter.

During one of Rust's famous interrogations, a suspected pharmacy robber and killer, Guy Francis, brings up the Dora Lange case, saying that the killer is still out there. This obviously spikes Rust's attention, especially when Francis mentions The Yellow King, a reference that they found during the Lange case. He starts investigating again, convincing Marty to go along for the ride. Rust becomes increasingly interested when Francis kills himself in a jail cell after receiving a call. He brings up the task force again, implying that the killings might be an inside job.

Implications in Present Day

During the present day interrogations, both Rust and Marty go over the Ledoux takedown story. Rust becomes very suspicious about all the questioning and wants to know why he hasn't been allowed to see the recent Lake Charles files, which is why he thought they brought him in. After getting agitated when they ask to search his storage unit, the detectives bring in recent photos of Rust at the crime scene. They say he's been spotted at the crime scene on five different occasions. They imply he's the actual killer.

They also imply to Marty that Rust is the actual killer, putting thoughts in Marty's head that maybe Rust steered Marty in different directions to take the heat off him during the 1995 investigation. They claim that maybe Rust was the one who called Francis back in 2002 when he got too close to him. They suggest that maybe Rust blacks out or has some sort of split personality.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm torn. I knew there'd be twists on True Detective, but implying that Rust Cohle is the actual killer is good. Then again, wouldn't that be the obvious answer? I'm not sure. On the one hand, they've been implying throughout the entire series that something's not right with Rust, especially because his methods are extremely unconventional.

But does that make him the killer? Perhaps he's just curious about the recent Lake Charles case, which is why he's showing up. Perhaps the Lange case is that one case for him that will always be under his skin. He's obsessed, upset that a killer may still be out there when he thought the killer was dead.

I like the fast pace of this episode. When they killed Ledoux at the beginning, I was worried about what would go on in the next three episodes. However, I'm confident the rest of the series will be very interesting: finding out what Rust has really been up too for the last 17 years, why he came back to Louisiana in 2010, what really happened between Rust and Marty that they no longer speak.

I do like the way that Marty stands by Rust no matter what. So I feel whatever bad blood they have couldn't be that bad. And now, after this episode, I'd really like to know what or who the Yellow Killer is!

True Detective airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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