'True Blood' Videos: Pam and Jessica Celebrate Maker's Day
'True Blood' Videos: Pam and Jessica Celebrate Maker's Day
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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To celebrate the season 5 premiere of True Blood, June 10 is Maker's Day, the day of the year where you honor the one who turned you into a vampire!

In honor of this special vamp holiday, HBO has released videos from Pam and Jessica in which they praise their Makers, Eric and Bill.

Being a Maker is an important responsibility, and one that is not taken lightly on True Blood. When Bill turned Jessica, it was revealed that she was the first person he'd turned despite being a vampire for nearly 150 years.

Watch Pam and Jessica's Maker's Day videos below, then keep reading for a brief history of Makers on True Blood.

Lorena Made Bill, Bill Made Jessica
Godric Made Eric, Eric Made Pam, Pam Made Colin
Godric Made Nora, a new character in season 5

As far as we know, Jessica is Bill's only progeny, and Pam is Eric's only progeny. While Pam is a Maker, this is only revealed in a webisode and her progeny has never appeared on the show.

True Blood
season 5 premieres Sunday, June 10 at 9pm on HBO.

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