'True Blood' Premiere Recap: In Bilith Do We Trust?
'True Blood' Premiere Recap: In Bilith Do We Trust?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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As season 5 of True Blood came to a close, Luna outed the shifters on national television, Jason was back to his vampire-killing ways and Tara broke Pam out of vampire jail so they could play tonsil hockey. Meanwhile, Eric and Sookie failed to stop Bill from drinking Lilith's crazy blood Kool-Aid, bringing us the glory that is Bilith. In tonight's season 6 opener, "Who Are You, Really?" everyone attempts to escape from the Vampire Authority HQ as a new threat emerges in the form of Governor Burrell. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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Lilith and Warlow

The premiere picks up where we left off last season, as Eric and Sookie flee from Bilith, who sets off explosions that destroy the Authority HQ. Nora gets Jason, Pam, Tara and Jessica to safety, and we learn that Pam has no idea who Nora is. Eric and Sookie meet up with Nora and the others and they all escape.

Once safely away from Bilith, Pam confronts Eric about Nora, but Eric blows her off to talk to Nora about Bilith. Nora knows the vampire bible by heart, but there is no mention of a resurrection and she has no idea what Bilith is. However, Warlow is mentioned in the vampire bible because he is Lilith's progeny and one of the first vampires in existence.

A Progeny and Her Maker

As Jessica finally starts to accept that Bill is gone, Bilith summons her to him. Whatever Bilith is, his call causes tremendous pain and Sookie has to take Jessica to him in order to save her. Eric and Nora follow in an attempt to take Bilith down.

When they arrive at Bill's home, Bilith has cleaned up nicely -- I guess vampire super-speed extends to super-showering because it had to take a lot of scrubbing to get all that blood off, yet not a trace remains -- and seems almost back to his old Vampire Bill self. But when Sookie stakes Bilith to keep him from killing Eric, Bilith just pulls the stake out like it's nothing. Is Bilith immortal?

After seeing Sookie stake Bilith, Jessica orders her to leave and Bilith backs her up, telling Nora and Eric to go with her. When they are alone, Jessica asks Bilith what happened to him and he claims he does not know. He has all these new powers, but he does not know what he is or what he is capable of. Bilith asks Jessica to stay with him and keep him honest and Jessica agrees. But will Jessica's love be enough to save Bilith? I would not count on it, given that multiple Lilith ghosts just entered Bilith's body.

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A Human Threat

As our favorite supes deal with the Bilith drama, we are introduced to their new antagonist, Governor Burrell. Burrell gives an anti-vampire speech about humans taking back the night from the undead. He has now instituted a curfew for all vampires and is closing down all vampire-run businesses. He tells the human population to load up on weapons to fight this vampire menace, at least until they get back on the Tru Blood and stop killing humans for food.

Later in the episode, Burrell meets with the people behind the Tru Blood brand and offers them a new facility to create more Tru Blood, at least until they come up with an alternative. In exchange, Burrell will get the money he needs to run for re-election. A deal is struck, but one has to wonder what Burrell's true end-game is.

Pam and Tara

After her fight with Eric, Pam wants to be left alone, but Tara refuses to leave her side and Pam eventually allows Tara to comfort her -- apparently via sex, though we sadly do not get to see it. Yet their connection is tested when Eric orders Pam to take Tara back to Fangtasia and leave the Bilith hunt to him.

Though they head to Fangtasia, Tara has no intention of taking orders from Eric and thinks Pam is prioritizing her relationship with him over the relationship they are trying to build. Pam tells Tara theirs is not an epic love and Tara will never replace Eric.

Before they can continue their argument or resolve it with more vamp-sex, men raid Fangtasia under Governor Burrell's orders to close down all vampire-owned businesses. Tara stands up to them and gets shot by something that causes her to scream in agony, much to Pam's concern. How will True Blood's newest couple make it out of this one?

Jason and ... Warlow?

After Nora glamours him into revealing what he knows about Warlow, Jason is done with vampires and turns his back on Sookie for defending them. Jason then hitches a ride back to Bon Temps with a stranger who gets Jason to open up about his family and everything he has been through recently. When the subject of Sookie comes up, the stranger says Jason does not stand a chance in keeping Sookie away from Warlow, and Jason realizes that the man he is talking to is no stranger after all.

But is this man really Warlow or has he come to protect Sookie from Warlow? For fans of the books, could this be Niall? If so, are Niall and Warlow somehow the same person?

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Other Happenings

Our first major death of the season is poor Luna, who survives long enough to tell Sam to look after Emma. Sam does as he is told and takes Emma back to Merlotte's where Lafayette is holding down the fort. To ease Emma's suffering over her mother's death, Lafayette takes her to the kitchen to cook up something delicious and leaves Sam to mourn Luna in private. Will Emma accept Sam as her guardian? Will Martha try to take her from Sam, claiming that Emma belongs with the pack?

Andy's new faery babies are quite the challenge, but he seems up for it after a pep-talk from Arlene. That is, until they rapidly age into little girls and all of Terry's advice about caring for babies becomes pointless. Will they continue to age this quickly and, if so, when will the aging stop? Most of the faeries we met last season looked like young adults, so perhaps Andy does not need to worry about parenting for much longer.

Eric gives Sookie back ownership of her house, and in an attempt to be a normal girl again, Sookie rescinds his invitation into her home. They part on better terms than they have in the past, but Nora is not impressed by their connection.

Alcide takes a nibble out of JD and becomes the official pack master. To celebrate, Alcide has a threesome with Rikki and a wolf named Danielle. Rikki seems willing to share Alcide at the moment, but only if she remains his main partner.

As if that is not enough, Luna's transformation shows the human world that there are other supernaturals out there and it is only a matter of time before werewolves and shifters are hunted along with the vampires.

What did you think of tonight's season premiere? Are you sad about Luna's death? Do you think Jason met up with the real Warlow? Can Pam let Tara into her heart or is her love only reserved for Eric? And when will Bilith's true nature be revealed? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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