'True Blood' Recap: Which Infected Vampire is Cured?
'True Blood' Recap: Which Infected Vampire is Cured?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Eric and his companions found Sarah Newlin, Sookie chose to have sex with Bill after everyone she knew told her that he was going to die, Hoyt returned to town and Jason tried not to fall for his hot girlfriend, and Violet attacked Adilyn to get to Jessica.

In this week's episode, "Almost Home," Sookie risks her life in a pointless effort to save Bill -- pointless because Bill apparently does not want to be saved -- and Hoyt comes to Jason and Jessica's rescue. Read on to find out if the eighth episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Eric Fans, Rejoice!

The episode opens with a moment Eric fans have been hoping for all season. Eric gets his hands on Sarah Newlin and, after a threat from Pam, forgoes killing her to drink her blood instead. As Pam and Gus look on, Eric begins to heal.

Once he is Hep-V free, Eric and Pam take Gus and his men back to Fangtasia, probably because it has that convenient basement dungeon for holding Sarah hostage. After they settle in, Gus explains that they have already synthesized Sarah's blood, but it will take his people a while to make a version of the cure that is not permanent. Gus wants Nu Blood to succeed and become a necessary habit for all vampires, so they need to make sure it keeps vampires healthy without actually curing them.

Eric leaves the company of his new allies to pay Sookie a visit. Sookie is thrilled to see him and even more thrilled once she realizes that he has been cured. Eric says he cannot tell her how it happened, but Sookie has no time for his secrets because Bill is dying. Eric tells her that he will return the next night, but Sookie does not think Bill has that much time, so she follows him back to Fangtasia.  

Bill Gives Up

Gus and his men are not impressed with Sookie's arrival, but Eric convinces them that she is just a fang-banger who will not take no for an answer. Gus wants to kill her, but Eric says that her brother is a cop and he could cause trouble for them if he comes looking for Sookie. So Eric pretends to glamour Sookie while she listens in on Gus' thoughts.

Later, Sookie circles back to Fangtasia because she heard Gus thinking about what was in the basement. Sookie is shocked when she finds Sarah Newlin and that shock only increases once she realizes that Sarah's blood is the cure. Sarah begs Sookie to get her out of there, but Sookie has other plans. She leaves Sarah behind and heads back to Bill's.

Sookie grabs Bill and Jessica and takes them back to Fangtasia. Since Gus left for Dallas, they have a small window of opportunity for Bill to feed on Sarah before anyone notices. But Bill decides against curing himself with Sarah's blood, presumably so he can die for his sins or something equally ridiculous. I can only imagine how furious Sookie and Jessica will be when this plays out.

Hoyt Saves the Day

While Jason looks on, Hoyt and his new girlfriend get into a fight. Before Jason can think of a reason to excuse himself, he gets a message from Violet. Violet is now holding Jessica hostage, along with Adilyn and Wade. Jason rushes off, but not without Hoyt's annoying girlfriend tagging along.

Once Jason arrives at Violet's place, she gets the drop on him and he becomes another hostage. Violet then lays out all of the ways she plans to torture and murder her victims. But then she explodes into vampire goo after Hoyt shoots her in the head! Hoyt, you were so missed, my friend.

After his heroics, Hoyt has a chance to talk to Jessica, and even though he has no memory of her, their connection still remains. Hoyt checks up on Jessica the next day and I am reminded of how much I used to love these two together. Even after everything they have both been through, there is still an innocence in their interactions and it makes me hope that they might find their way back to one another. Especially since Jason and Jessica have decided to just be good friends.

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Rest in Peace, Tara

Using James' blood, Lettie Mae and Lafayette take one last V trip to see Tara, apparently so Tara can show Lettie Mae visions of the past. When little Tara saw her father beating her mother, she picked up his gun to shoot him, but could not go through with it.

After they find the gun Tara buried in the yard, Tara tells Lettie Mae that she is sorry she did not kill her father when she had the chance. She also asks her mother to stop blaming herself and to forgive herself for being a terrible mother. Tara tells Lettie Mae to let her go and they share one final hug before Tara disappears.

Adina Porter and Rutina Wesley do a good job with these scenes, but I cannot help but wish that Tara's unfinished business had more to do with repairing her relationship with Lafayette than with forgiving her abusive mother. Lafayette and Tara were so close in the first few seasons, and it saddens me that we did not get any time with them in the final season. I also think Rutina Wesley deserved a much better send-off, but the writers have not known what to do with Tara for seasons. At least we still have her brief relationship with Pam to look back on.

Other Happenings

-- Prior to the Sarah developments, Sookie and Bill are enjoying a post-coital chat about their past. Sookie reminds Bill -- and the audience -- that the reason they met was because Queen Sophie-Anne sent Bill to find Sookie. Sookie asks what Bill was supposed to do with her, and Bill explains that Sophie-Anne wanted to breed her to make more faeries. Sookie handles this information better than I would and asks him why he did not hand her over to Sophie-Anne. Bill explains that Sookie helped him get in touch with his humanity again and he saw in her a chance to undo the wrongs of his past. Sorry, Vampire Bill, but it does not work like that.

-- Andy and Holly finally make it back to Bon Temps and reunite with their kids. Here's hoping this family can go a week without one of them being taken hostage.

What did you think of this week's episode of True Blood? Do you want to see Hoyt and Jessica get back together, or has too much happened between them? Do you think Bill will choose the true death, or will someone convince him to fight for his life? With only two episodes left, what storylines would you like to see the show resolve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The final season of True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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