'True Blood' Recap: Sookie Learns the Truth About Ben
'True Blood' Recap: Sookie Learns the Truth About Ben
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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During last week's episode, Bilith decided that synthesized faerie blood was the salvation of the vampire race but had some difficulty in finding a willing donor. Sookie got closer to Ben, Eric got closer to Willa and Sam saved Emma but may have started a war between werewolves and shifters. In this week's episode, "At Last," Bilith and Jessica cozy up to Andy's faerie daughters, Sam gets friendly with Nicole and Jason's health reveals the truth about Ben. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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Ben is Warlow

With Jason's life hanging in the balance after his collapse in the last episode, Ben reveals his true identity by using his vampire blood to heal Jason. As many people had guessed, Ben is actually Warlow in disguise.

As the episode continues, Jason's sexy dream about Benlow alerts Niall to the fact that Ben is not just fae, he is also a vampire. Niall puts the pieces together and realizes that Benlow is a faerie-vampire hybrid. One would think that Niall and Jason would alert Sookie to the fact that her new love interest is also the vampire out for her blood, but they don't because Jason apparently gets his lack of common sense from his grandpa.

But have no fear, Sookie fans, your favorite faerie does not need a warning because she manages to sniff out the truth about her new man all on her own and lays a trap for him! Which is a good thing, since Niall and Jason blow their one shot at taking out Benlow. Benlow glamours Jason into giving up the Warlow hunt and sends Niall through a dimensional portal, but not before telling Niall that they are kindred and that is why he spared Niall as a child.

Sookie Sets Her Sights on Benlow

Sookie lures Benlow to her home under the guise of a home-cooked meal. Sookie and Benlow flirt as the audience wonders if Benlow realizes that Sookie is onto him. Benlow tries to bond with Sookie over their "understanding" of one another, and Sookie seduces him into a sexy make-out session. When Benlow drops his guard, Sookie calls him out on his true identity and threatens to destroy him with her faerie ball-of-light weapon.

Is Benlow the Big Bad everyone has been preparing for? He is a vampire who can walk in daylight -- you know Bilith will be jealous over that one -- and the key to destroying Lilith, something that might lead him to become an ally for our main characters. Can he be trusted? Can his Ben side -- his good side -- win out over the darkness that is Warlow?

Unstable Faerie Blood

Bilith and Jessica track down Andy's faerie daughters, who have now grown into teenagers. When the girls go out on the town to party, Jessica befriends them and invites them back to her home. Once there, Bilith seduces the girls into giving up some of their faerie blood so Takahashi can synthesize it. Sadly for Bilith, faerie blood breaks down once it is removed from the host-body. This might not have been a problem, except Jessica gets a little crazed by the smell of faerie blood and winds up eating their blood source.

Are Andy's daughters dead? Will Bilith feed them his blood to save them? How will Andy retaliate against the attack on his daughters?

Willa Goes Home

Eric's true purpose in kidnapping Willa comes to light in this week's episode. Eric turns Willa into a vampire in an attempt to get her father to give up his war against the vampire race. At first, the plan seems to work. Burrell looks at his now-vampire daughter and she tells him that she is still the same girl he raised. Unfortunately, Willa's control over her blood-lust is non-existent at this point and she attacks Burrell. Burrell is saved by Sarah Newlin -- his lover -- who tells Burrell to send Willa to the vampire torture camp.

Will Burrell take Sarah's advice and hand his daughter over to become an experiment? Has Eric developed genuine feelings for his now-progeny and will he try to rescue her from the camp?

A Very Short Mourning Period

With help from Lafayette, Sam and Emma get Nicole away from the blood-thirsty were-pack, but Martha realizes Sam has taken Emma and the pack wants her back.

Once alone, Sam and Nicole bond over their recent losses -- Luna and Nicole's VUS friends -- and their mutual grief leads to sexy times. Part of me wants to be angry that Sam is moving on so quickly, but the chemistry between Sam Trammell and Jurnee Smollett-Bell should not be wasted. Here's hoping Nicole survives longer than Sam's previous love interests.

The War Rages On

Earlier in the episode, Niall uses his faerie-light to attack Nora, causing her to run straight into the hands the vampire-hating LAVTF -- the Louisiana Vampire Task Force. Pam also winds up in their custody, headed to vamp camp, after a fight with Tara.

Will Tara seek Eric's help in getting Pam back? Will Eric call on Bilith for assistance in saving his family?

What did you think of this week's episode? Were you surprised to learn that Ben is a mudblood? Do you want Eric to save Willa, as well as Pam and Nora? Do you think Sam and Nicole make a good couple? Will Anna Camp get more than a few precious moments of screen time in any episode this season? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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