True Blood: Prime Suspects
True Blood: Prime Suspects
HBO's True Blood is full of surprising plot twists and colorful characters, but what really makes the show more addictive than V is the murder mystery at its core.  The only thing the victims seem to have in common is that they've all been overly friendly with vampires, and because the show is set in a world where vamps are heavily discriminated against, that leaves plenty of suspects.  Now that we're seven episodes into the show's amazing first season, I've compiled a list of characters who just might be responsible for the string of murders.  Everyone in Sookie's small town seems to have a secret, but which one is a cold-blooded killer?


It's been obvious that Sam has a strange animalistic side for quite some time.  When the show first made it clear that a dog was following Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill around and watching their every move, I thought Sam may have been some sort of weredog.  It later became clear that the dog belongs to Sam, but the man has still exhibited some truly bizarre behavior, including running around naked outside and sniffing the sheets of a dead girl.  Sam's also made it known that he's not a big fan of vampires, so he'd have a motive for killing those that congregate with them.

Sam (Sam Trammell) may be keeping a big secret, but I'm not convinced he's a murderer.  He seems like a genuinely nice guy who truly cares about Sookie and Tara.  If he is the killer, I have a feeling he doesn't know it.  Could his animalistic urges be taking over at night and forcing him to do some evil deeds?

A Random Vampire

Bill (Stephen Moyer) ruled out the idea that a vampire is the murderer after discovering that the blood wasn't drained from the victims.  That would normally make sense, but a particularly crafty vamp could be committing the murders and attempting to cover it up by neglecting to drink the blood.  There could be a vampire out there who hates the idea of their kind mixing it up with humans, which would be an interesting motive.  Could the ancient vampire Eric be the culprit?

A Random Redneck

There are a lot of prejudiced people in Sookie's small Louisiana town, and they all love to hate vampires.  Any one of them could be responsible for the murders, though the trio of bigoted rednecks who have caused trouble for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) are the most obvious suspects.  Now that Sookie announced her fling with Bill to an entire bar full of people, I'm betting she'll be next on the killer's list.


I don't blame you if you don't remember who Terry is, as he's only had two particularly memorable moments in the series.  The first was when he talked to Bill after his speech at the Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting.  Terry came up to him in tears saying that no one else could possibly understand what Bill had gone through.  He had another odd moment in Sunday night's episode, where he collapsed and cried after failing to stop the vampires from causing a ruckus in Merlotte's Bar.  He told Arlene that he should have been able to prevent the incident.  What's the deal with Terry?  Like many other characters he obviously has a secret, but I have no idea what it could be.

Out of all the people listed above, I'm placing my money on quiet, unassuming Terry being the killer.  Both of his strange crying jags seem like they'll make more sense later in the season.  He doesn't come across as a crazed murderer, but that's exactly why the big reveal would make a great surprise in the season finale.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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