'True Blood' Preview: 3 Clips from This Week's Episode
'True Blood' Preview: 3 Clips from This Week's Episode
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After last week's True Blood ended with Lorena taking a big bite out of Sookie, this week is sure to be dark and sad. However, even with Sookie being rushed to the hospital, there's still room for some fun.

Aside from the normal preview HBO released three clips from this week's episode, including one that will undoubtedly cause you to start telling people to "Taste My Biscuits!"

First, here's the official synopsis and trailer for this week's True Blood, "Hitting the Ground."

"Imperiled by Lorena, Sookie goes to extremes in her attempt to save Bill - with unforeseen consequences.  Sam infiltrates a dogfighting ring to extricate Tommy from his parents' greedy influence.  Jason heads to jail to uncover the truth about Crystal; Summer makes a home-cooked play for Hoyt's affections; Debbie vows revenge on Alcide; Eric uses Hadley as bait to get information from Sophie-Anne; Russell turns his back on the Authority, and on the Magister."

Now here are the clips from the episode.

Eric Taunts the Caged Queen

Taste My Biscuits!

Sam Loves Dogfights

True Blood airs Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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