'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Sam, Eric and Jason Before the Season 7 Premiere
'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Sam, Eric and Jason Before the Season 7 Premiere
Bill King
Bill King
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Before the season 6 premiere of True Blood in 2013, we told you each main character's story over five years and 60 episodes. As the HBO vampire drama enters its seventh and final season, here are the updates you need to know in order to catch up.

In this edition, we'll cover bar owner and shapeshifter Sam Merlotte, vampire Eric Northman and Sookie's sexpot brother Jason Stackhouse. You can watch the season 7 premiere on Sunday, June 22 at 9pm.

Sam Merlotte in Season 6

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Protecting Emma

After rescuing Emma from the clutches of Steve Newlin (and killing Roslyn by shifting into a fly, flying into her mouth and then transforming back into a human inside her), Sam carries a terribly sick and injured Luna from the Authority headquarters, and she dies in his arms. He vows to take care of Emma and brings her to Merlotte's, where a half-drunk Lafayette is sleeping off the booze. Lafayette cooks Emma food and promises not to tell anyone about her arrival. 

A group of teenagers, all members of the Vampire Unity Society, enter the bar, and ringleader Nicole corners Sam and informs him that she knows what he is. She encourages him to reveal himself publicly as a shifter to head off "supes" being targeted next after Governor Burrell declared war on vampires. He respectfully declines, keeping his identity a secret to protect himself, and Nicole leaves.

Alcide, Martha and Danielle then show up and take Emma by force, and Nicole and her friends drag a beaten and bloodied Sam and Lafayette back into the trailer. Nicole offers to help Sam get Emma back, and the group sets out for the wolfpack. 

After Nicole creates a diversion so Sam can grab Emma and the wolves attack and kill the other VUS members, Sam rescues Nicole while Lafayette serves as the getaway driver. When they get a safe distance away, Sam insists that Lafayette leave so that his life will not be at risk for Sam's sake any longer. Then he shifts into a horse to carry the injured Nicole further from danger.

The Hunt Begins

While hiding out in a hotel room, as the wolves are actively hunting them, Nicole expresses guilt over her dead friends. Sam opens up about Luna's death, and they get it on. Bow chica wow wow. The next day, he catches her trying to call her parents from a pay phone, and he stops her with a warning that the wolves will kill her family if she reaches out. While they argue, Alcide's dad spots them from the balcony of a neighboring hotel room.

Nicole lectures Sam on the kind of life Emma will have if she spends it constantly on the run, and he agrees to hand her over to grandma Martha. Sam says his goodbyes, and he and Emma both cry before Martha drives off with the girl. At that exact moment, Alcide tracks them down and is worried Nicole will expose them as werewolves. She promises she'll stay quiet, and after Sam reminds Alcide that they used to be friends, he agrees to let them live as long as they both stay away from Bon Temps and Shreveport forever. Sam initially agrees, but then he finds out from Lafayette that Terry has died and realizes he'll have to go back for his friend's funeral.

He tells Nicole to call her mom, who drives to the hotel and picks her up. They say their goodbyes, and Sam heads back to Merlotte's.

Baby Daddies, Lost Loves and Funerals

Sam is tearfully clearing out a shelf of Terry's belongings when Alcide shows up at the bar and tells him the other wolves had kidnapped Nicole and her mom. His pack days over, Alcide accepts Sam's invitation to go inside and help himself to some drinky. Sam offers his trailer to Nicole and her mom until they can get plane tickets, and he will stay in the bar. He kisses Nicole, sniffs her, joins Alcide and confirms that they both smelled that Nicole is preggers with a baby Merlotte. They do shots to celebrate the news and mourn Terry.

As Sam tries to convince Nicole to stay despite her mother's wishes, Sookie walks in and asks if Sam has time to talk. She hugs him tightly, shows him that her faerie magic is waning and ponders if she should use it all up and stop being special, because part of her always thought the two of them would end up together. Sam lambastes her timing, accuses her of always keeping him on the back burner and tells her Nicole is pregnant. A stunned and embarrassed Sookie congratulates him and leaves.

At the funeral, Sam sits with Nicole before speaking in front of the the attendees about his time as Terry's boss. He recalls that at first, he didn't want to hire the troubled veteran, who wound up being his best employee who never missed a day. He knew he liked him the moment he tossed back a catfish on a fishing trip because every life matters.

Mayor Sam and Hep V

Six months later, Sam is mayor of Bon Temps and organizes a church event to address the Hep V outbreak plaguing vampires, who in turn are killing humans. Since the government isn't doing anything to help, he hatches a plan to match uninfected vampires with non-carrier humans in a food-protection symbiotic relationship. 

Merlotte's has been renamed Bellefleur's after Sam sold the bar to Arlene, and they host a mixer to foster the connections. With most of the town in attendance, a large group of infected vampires descends on the bar.

Eric Northman in Season 6

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Escape from the Authority

After watching Bill drink Lilith's blood, melt down into a pool of red liquid and be reborn as Bilith, Eric and Sookie run for their lives. They get trapped in an elevator as Bill destroys the building, so Sookie uses her faerie magic to light the darkness and allow Eric to find an escape route. They steal an Authority SUV and pick up Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica and Jason, who have also fled the compound, which explodes as the blood-covered Bill flies away from the scene.

They hear on the radio that Burrell has imposed a curfew and is shutting down all vampire-owned businesses, and Eric stops the car on a desolate beach, saying he needs to talk to Nora. When Pam complains, Eric informs her that Nora is his sister and that she needs to "get over it and have [his] back or get out of [his] face."

He asks Nora if the vampire bible talks about resurrection, and she has never heard of such a thing, but if Lilith is back on earth, it means destruction and mayhem for humans and vampires alike.

Bill's Future at Stake

Bilith summons Jessica, causing her intense pain, but Eric refuses to allow Tara to go with her and Sookie to the Compton estate and instead orders her and Pam to Fangtasia, saying he and Nora will meet them there later. When Sookie and Jessica get to Bill's, they find him in a rocking chair on the back porch. Eric and Nora fly in and attempt to kill him, but Bill is too strong for them. He is about to end Eric when Sookie stakes him, but Bill just pulls the stake out and says he only wants to talk. Jessica kicks everyone out of the house.

Eric walks Sookie home, and they reminisce about the good old days and when they first met. Eric gives Sookie her house back in a contract of blood and promises he will mail the actual deed. She rescinds his invitation, and they say goodbye through the door. Nora witnesses this and confronts her brother about his love for Sookie. He tells her not to stir the pot.

The siblings return to Fangtasia, where they find Tara screaming in pain after being shot with a silver bullet containing UV light that Eric has to dig out with a broken bottle. Eric declares he is not afraid of humans, and if they want war, they shall have it. He orders Nora to review the Book of Lilith for clues to what Bill has become, then vanishes without telling anyone where he is going.

Burrell the Younger

Eric travels to Burrell's mansion, where he attacks and impersonates a man who has a scheduled meeting with the governor. Under the guise of a bill to protect whooping cranes, Eric prods Burrell about all the vampire shenanigans and then attempts to glamour him into stopping the persecution, reopening vamp businesses and loving vampires in general. But Burrell laughs in his face and tells him they've developed contact lenses that prevent glamouring. He then orders his guards to take Eric to the vampire concentration camp.

Eric flies away from his escorts, who are apparently unaware that some vampires have mastered flight, and he catches young Willa Burrell taking out her contacts by an open window. He glamours her to invite him inside, then begins to drain and kill her as a blow to her father. But she tells him she knows things and could be more useful alive, and he escapes out the window with her as the guards bust into the room.

He brings her to Fantasia and, despite their intense protest over Willa's presence, orders Tara and Pam to pack up valuables because they're leaving for good. Eric is about to glamour Willa again when she says she's sick over all this and will just tell him what he wants to know willingly. Her father has been arresting vampires but not taking them to jail, instead studying everything about them and torturing at a special camp. He's also been using government money to fund his experiments. Willa begs Eric not to kill her.

Goodbye, Fantasia

Eric muses that "it's just a bar" as they say their goodbyes, and he, Willa, Pam and Tara travel to Ginger's for safe haven. He sleeps in a coffin next to Willa, who removes tape from her mouth and talks to Eric about her parents' split after her mom ran off with a vampire and her dad claimed he was the one who cheated. She admits that she, too, loves vampires, and she tries to drink some of Eric's blood before he shoots her down and tells her to go to sleep.

The following day, Ginger stupidly answers Eric's cell phone and allows Burrell to trace their location. Eric leaves Willa with Tara, who flees with the girl and dumps her in a nearby fairground. Eric and Pam summon Tara, who finally caves and reveals Willa's location. Eric reject's Pam's advances, finds Willa and turns her into a vampire. He then orders her to return home, hoping that her father will have a newfound sense of compassion once he learns that his daughter is now that which he despises. Instead, he sends her to the camp.

After Pam is captured and also taken to the camp, Eric and Tara allow themselves to be arrested so they can save her.

Welcome to Vamp Camp

Eric and Tara are separated, and the former is brought to a white circular room with three other vampires. Bouncy balls are dropped from the ceiling, and any vampire too slow to grab one is shot. Eric bests his competition and is released into the general population. 

Later, Burrell puts him back in the room, with a wooden stake, and pits him against Pam in a fight to the death. Instead, they attack and kill guards hiding in vents, staking one of them through the two-way mirror. Eric peers through the hole and spots Steve Newlin, who is also being held captive and revealed the information about the vampires' connections. Then more guards enter the room and pull them apart.

With Eric caged and bound, Burrell makes him pay for turning Willa. He brings Nora in on a cart and injects her with a new strain of Hep V, promising that she will die a slow death in front of him. Eric summons Willa, who glamours a guard and goes to him. They attack a woman doctor who was watching them, and Eric puts on the guard uniform, with Nora dressing as the doctor. They plot their escape, planning to free Pam, Tara and Jessica, as well.

The Hep V Epidemic Begins

Looking for a way out, Eric stumbles onto the part of the factory that is producing Tru Blood. He notices that the Hep V is being added to the beverage, and a lab tech there informs him that the general population batch is almost ready. And not only are they serving it to the inmates, they are also shipping it out for public sale. He tells Willa she must stay at the camp to warn the others not to drink, and he and Nora escape the facility in a tractor-trailer transporting the tainted product. 

He takes Nora to the Compton house, pleading that if Bill is a god, then he must save her. He begs Bill to give Nora his blood, but she refuses to drink of Lilith again after all the damage it has caused. 

He catches Bill daywalking and asks how it's possible, and Bill tells him of his visions of vampire annihilation and how Warlow's faerie-vampire hybrid blood poses the only solution. Eric says he believes in Bill and requests that he try giving Warlow's blood to Nora.

A Touching Backstory

As Nora's time nears, she and Eric reflect on their history and how Eric saved her. Back in 1665 in London, they first met when Eric did a favor for a king who wanted Nora at his beck and call, but she was too stubborn to give him what he wanted. Instead, she chose to work with patients of the black plague in a quarantined part of the city. When Eric arrived, it was already too late, and Nora was infected. 

Nora still refuses to go back to the king, saying her death would be her own. Eric is impressed with her courage, so he takes Nora to Godric and has him turn her. But Godric is not there to save her this time, and she tells Eric to take comfort in the rest of their family, as she is happy with the opportunity for life that he offered her. 

Then, while Eric cries, holds her and begs for her to stay, Nora rapidly decays in his arms, leaving nothing behind but a disgusting and stringy pile of slop.

Turning on Bill, Drinking Warlow and Saving the Vampires

When Bill returns, Eric confronts him about whether or not he saw Nora's death in a vision. He blames her demise on Bill's love for Sookie, which he claims prevented him from getting to Warlow sooner. Bill uses his powers to levitate Eric and then kicks him out of the house. 

Eric follows Sookie to the cemetery, where she accesses the faerie plane on which she is keeping Warlow. After discovering that he can't travel there, he tracks down and drinks from Terry's faerie daughter Adilyn. He returns to the cemetery, accesses the plane and nearly drains Warlow, which will allow him to daywalk.

He goes back to the vampire camp and viciously attacks all the guards surrounding the perimeter before ripping Dr. Overlark's genitals from his body and leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood. He then releases all the prisoners in both the male and female general populations. 

The Camp's (and Eric's) Demise

After freeing all the female prisoners, Eric finds Jason barely alive and feeds him blood to make use of his knowledge of the facility's layout. They free Ginger before arriving in a room with a window view of the white circular room where Willa, Pam, Violet, Tara, Jessica, James and Steve Newlin are about to meet the sun. They watch as Bill enters feeds them all his blood, allowing them to withstand the sun's rays. Eric holds Steve Newlin the sun before he can drink, and he dies while professing his love for Jason.

As the now-freed vampires trash the facility, destroy the contaminated Tru Blood and frolic in the sun, Eric returns to the room where Nora was injected with Hep V and is overcome with emotion. He wrecks the room before returning to the group. Pam spots him at a distance and pleads for him not to leave, but Eric takes one last look and flies off into the sky. 

Later, after Warlow is killed, all the vampires who drank his blood feel the power to daywalk leave them. A naked Eric is lounging in a lawn chair atop a mountain in Sweden when the faerie light fades, and as the sunlight begins to burn his body, he staggers to his feet and bursts into flames.

Jason Stackhouse in Season 6

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Escape from the Authority (Take 6)

Season 6 opens with Tara, Pam, Jessica, Jason and Nora escaping from Vampire Authority headquarters, hopping into the SUV with Eric and Sookie and watching as the complex explodes and a blood-covered Billith flies away from the scene. 

Jessica seeks comfort from Jason after professing her love for him, but he refuses her because she's a vampire (the visions of his parents have convinced him that all vampires are evil), and Nora grills him about his knowledge of Warlow (who's name he screamed as they fled the compound). He won't answer her questions, so she glamours him and finds out Warlow killed his parents.

After the glamour fades, Jason pulls a gun on Nora and proclaims that he's sick and tired of being brain raped by vampires. When Sookie steps in front of the gun, he declares that she loves vampires more than her own brother and stalks off, stating that she is dead to him now. 

He walks aimlessly down the street when a car stops to pick him up. The eerie stranger driving the vehicle seems to know the area from a long time ago and prods Jason to tell his story to pass the time. 

Grandpa Knows Best

Jason finishes his tale by saying that he needs to keep Warlow away from his sister, and the driver responds that it is impossible to keep Warlow and Sookie apart. Realizing he hadn't told the stranger Sookie's name, he whips out his gun and pulls the trigger as the driver laughs. He disappears in a flash of light, leaving Jason by himself in the out-of-control car, then reappears in front of the vehicle and uses his light to bring it to a halt. 

Jason thinks the man is Warlow, but it's actually Niall Brigant, the Stackhouse faerie grandfather. He has been watching over Jason his whole life and didn't reveal himself sooner to test Jason, who failed miserably time and time again. He admonishes Jason for underestimating Warlow and says that if he wants a hand in the fight, he has to shape up.

They go to Sookie's house, and Jason leads him to the bathroom where Warlow appeared previously. Niall uses his faerie abilities to locate the portal where Warlow was trapped, and he jumps into the rift to see if the enemy has escaped. Jason tries to follow and crashes into the wall. Then Niall reappears soaking wet and says the situation is worse than the thought. 

Whooo is Warlow? Who-Hoo, Who-Hoo

Sookie gets home, and Niall offers his backstory over dinner. The family's faerie bloodlines trace back to the first of all their kind, so they are considered royalty. Niall is king of their tribe, and Sookie is a princess, while Jason is nothing since the gene skipped him. Warlow massacred Niall's village when he was a child, killing his parents but unable to take the life of a baby. From that moment on, he tracked Warlow, who reappeared after confronting one of Niall's sons and forcing him to enter into the contract that gives Sookie to him. 

He was last seen the night he killed Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse, after Sookie's blood was left on a bandage in the back seat. That same night, Claudine blasted him into the dark realm where he had been ever since, prior to his escape. 

With his visions gone, Jason is struck by a debilitating headache that prevents him from fighting for Sookie when Warlow is presumed to have appeared outside the house (we don't see him). 

Niall leaves to take the fight to Warlow, while Sookie takes care of Jason. He confesses the hallucinations and says he hates to think of his parents that way, and Sookie tells him that no one is perfect, even if he choose to remember them that way, and they'll always love their parents anyway.

Enter Bilith (Sans Invitation)

Sookie answers a knock at the door and finds Bill on the other side, now able to enter the hope despite not receiving an invitation. He demands she help to save the lives of her vampire friends who will all die if she declines, and she screams to Jason for help. He runs down the stairs with his gun, but Bill uses his powers to pin Jason against the wall. He says he needs her faerie blood for synthesizing, but she refuses. He tells her she is dead to him (Sook is getting a lot of that these days) and leaves, releasing Jason, who falls and hits his head again.

Later, when Nora shows up at the house looking for Warlow, Jason screams and scares her off before falling unconscious. Sookie and faerie Ben (a.k.a. fae-vampire Warlow) carry him back inside, and while a desperate Sookie decries the need for V, Ben secretly bites his arm and feeds Jason his blood. To hide his true identity, he tells Sookie that Jason woke up of his own accord. Jason is then subjected to the usual sex dreams about Ben. 

Jason confides his homosexual fantasies to Niall, who uses his faerie magic to see Jason's dream and comes to the realization that Ben is a never-before-seen fae-vampire hybrid (who was turned by Lilith). They gain access to Ben's hotel room, intending to kill Warlow before he can fight back, but Ben zaps and incapacitates them first. He then glamours Jason, orders him to leave the room and forget what he saw. 

Sarah Sex, Jessica and the Vampire Camp

Jason returns home to find Sarah Newlin waiting for him, offering to save his soul and declaring that God told her to have sex with him. Afterwards, a distraught and guilt-ridden Jessica bangs loudly on the door. Jason lets her in, and she sobs and confides in him that she killed Terry's faerie daughters. Sarah joins the conversation and calls Jessica a whore, then revokes her invitation, sending Jessica flying out of the house and into a waiting trap set by the Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force. 

Jessica is taken to the vampire camp, and Jason goes to the LAVTF recruiting office, determined to get a job there and save her. The interviewer is greatly impressed by his anti-vamp stance and knowledge, and the manager agrees to fast-track Jason to the guard position.

Sarah, who is in a relationship with Burrell, is shocked to see Jason at the camp and demands to know why. He tells her he's there to save Jessica, and if she tries to stop him, he'll tell everyone about their escapade. 

Hunger Games and Ownership

Sarah forces Jason to watch a copulation study where Jessica is to have sex with James, who is burned with UV light when he refuses to retake her rejuvenating virginity. Jason then meets her in a conference room, where she is despondent and hopeless, telling him she doesn't need to be rescued, knows how it's going to end and is at peace with it. Her final request is that he let her meet with James so that she can thank him for his kindness, and he facilitates the face to face.

Sarah then reveals to Jason that Burrell is dead and his leverage is gone, so she cuts his arm and throws him in to the female general population. Tara stands between him and the hungry vampires, until alpha vamp Violent claims Jason for herself. 

She feeds on him, and he asks her not to rape him. She says that she can differentiate between sex and food, and that they won't have sex until it's consensual. She then heals his wounds. 

Freedom and Revenge

Jessica, Tara, Pam and Willa discuss ways to rescue Jason from Violet, who notices they aren't drinking the Tru Blood either. When she questions them, it becomes clear to the guards that they are all aware of the Hep V-tainted blood. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, Tara, James and Steve Newlin are all herded into the circular white room from Bill's vision, and Jessica informs them that they are about to meet the sun.

After Eric storms the camp and frees all the vampires, he finds Jason near death from the mayhem. He feeds him blood to make use of his knowledge of the facility's layout, and they free Ginger before arriving in a room with a window view of the circular room. They watch as Bill feeds the vampires his blood, allowing them to withstand the sun's rays. Eric holds Steve Newlin the sun before he can drink, and he dies while professing his love for Jason.

Outside the camp, Jason finds Sarah attempting to escape. She reaches for a gun, but Jason tackles her and takes the weapon. He is about to kill her before deciding he doesn't want more blood on his hands, and he lets her go. 

Violet, Warlow and Sookie

The intoxicated daywalking vampires return to the Compton house and revel in their newfound freedom. They get naked, dance and play volleyball when Sookie and Alcide show up after Terry's funeral. Violet is feeding on Jason, who says he is ready to consummate the relationship, but she's still holding out. He tells Sookie not to worry about his situation, because however weird it may be, he feels protected. 

After Sookie leaves, Bill informs Jason about the deal he made with Warlow to have her turned into a vampire-faerie hybrid, and they decide it must be stopped. They need another faerie to enter the plane, so Jason and Violet recruit Adilyn to open the portal. Andy and Jason load up on weapons in preparation of the fight with Warlow.

On the plane, they find Sookie tied to a tree. As Bill and Warlow fight, Violet grabs Sookie and brings her out to the cemetery. Jason carries her into her house with Violet as Adilyn hides in the vampire cubby and Andy secures the outside. Violet feeds Sookie her blood as Warlow storms inside, and he zaps Violet into Jason, knocking them both unconscious.

Warlow finds Sookie hiding in the bathtub and tells her she'll eventually learn to love him, even if it takes a few thousand years. He is pulling her out when Niall appears through the bathroom portal, grabs Warlow and screams for Jason, who rushes into the room and stakes the vampire.

What Does the Future Hold?

Six months later, Jason is performing oral sex on Violet in the basement, which he has converted into a vampire den. He begs for sex, but she tells him to keep waiting and orders him to pleasure her again. 

Later, he travels with Sookie and Alcide to Mayor Sam's church event, where the pitch is made for the vampire-human symbiotic food-protection relationship to prevent the spread of Hep V. It works out, since Jason and Violet are already in this type of relationship.

At the mixer at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, Violet once again gets jealous after she sees Jason talking to Arlene. Ahhhh, women. 

What Next?

That's everything you need to know about these three characters' season 6 experiences. And now that Hep V is sweeping the nation and the government has left everyone on their own, what do you expect to happen to them in the final season? Who will die? Who will end up with whom? And will anyone make it out alive? Will Jason finally get laid? And has anyone actually written those words before?

Tune in to the season 7 premiere of True Blood on Sunday, June 22 at 9pm on HBO to find out!

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